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Money tips from our grandmothers

They spent their childhood during the war. For almost a lifetime, they only bought and spared or holiday in Yugoslavia. For a few crowns, however, they fed the entire family and there was also a strudel at the Sunday coffee.

After 1989, new opportunities were opened to them at work and shops, and our grandmothers adapted to them. This makes them real financial icons that deserve our respect.

Therefore, read 5 tips for each of them:

Think of the backdoor

When your grandmother gives you a hundred and warns you to put it in your piggy bank, listen to it. Your piggy bank should contain a lot more. With sufficient financial reserve, you will not be surprised by any unexpected expenses .

Be careful with loans

Grannies are the first to discourage you from borrowing. According to them, you just did not think enough about the back door. You will only soften them when you take the loan for the necessary thing and check the provider well. But do not forget to stress that you never have more than one loan at the same time.

Be patient and spend your time wisely

Do you want a new cell phone because the old one is tired of you? So save it! Grannies have no understanding of wasting things and not at all if you want to borrow money for news . If you really want a new device, save or wait until your paycheck.

Save where you can

A good housewife for a feather jumps over the fence. But you don’t have to jump anywhere. You just need to buy energy-saving light bulbs or plan weekly food purchases. Grandmother will also have no understanding of buying coffee in a cup when you can make your own at home.

Make your dreams come true

Although they often chant their grandsons, they want the best for them. Most of the time they couldn’t travel and start a business themselves, but all the more they would support you in your dreams. For example, well-intentioned advice on where to get the money for all those plans.

So when you gather experience in Australia or travel around Asia, don’t forget to send your grandma a look!