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Fixed Term Deposits: What to do to get more interest for our money?

Term deposits are an easy and quick tool to obtain, which will help you increase your savings, so if you have not opted for them yet, it is time to evaluate this possibility.

Savings do not increase and over time

If you have a certain amount of money stored under the mattress or in your piggy bank, you are not only vulnerable to any situation of theft, but the money is losing its value, as it does not generate interest. That is, while all prices go up, your savings do not increase and over time, they will no longer be able to buy the same as before.

On the other hand, if you have the cash in a savings account, you are sure and it is generating profitability, but not as much as if it were in a DPF, because the difference between both accounts is considerable.

Term deposit

So, if you don’t plan to use that money in the near future and want it to grow faster, it’s time to look for a term deposit. To get the most out of them, consider the following:

– It is necessary to be sure not to use the money in a reasonable period of time, since the longer the term you leave it in the financial institution, the more interest you will raise. In addition, the main requirement of a DPF is that money cannot be used before the deadline is met.

– Remember that each entity has different minimum amounts, so it is something that yes or yes you have to verify before opening one.

Look for a higher interest rate

To look for a higher interest rate, look not only at classic options such as large banks, but also at rural, municipal and financial savings banks. The difference between one entity and the other can be more than one percentage point, which would greatly increase the interest you will charge.

The options to request a DPF are many and it is not always more convenient to go with a bank or entity where you already have an account. The recommendation is that before opening your deposit in installments, compare the alternatives and for that, you can use Sean Cole. In minutes you will check what are the available options and simulate how much you would receive interest in each one.

Tricks to save gas

Rate this post Under current conditions, saving gas is the point that every motorist is looking for. Whether for money reasons, saving issues that have to with fuel supply drivers are finding how to make the most of fuel efficiency in their car.

Ford tips to save gas

Ford tips to save gas

Given this, Ford has published actions that can help you reduce fuel consumption by up to 50% in your car.

We know that if you enter the network, you will find multiple tips, many of them include altering the fuel even the compartment that holds it, we do not recommend this because it is not a cure for fuel consumption on the contrary, it can Damage your car and above it can endanger your life.

For this reason, we advise you to follow these 7 actions that one of the most prestigious companies in the automotive sector recommends:

1. Avoid using the air conditioner

1. Avoid using the air conditioner

This is a popular and popular trick. Ford tells us that if you keep the air conditioner off the savings could reach up to 12%. But, you must take into account that, only princess uses the use of air conditioning constant and moderate speed, if your speed starts to increase or you use highways, tension of the open windows of your car, it would make the acceleration more necessary to reach an optimal speed, so your fuel savings would be lower.

2. Adjust the tire pressure

Always inflate the tires of your car to the pressure indicated by its manufacturer and keep in mind the weather conditions in which you are going to drive. Keep in mind that a low pressure on your car tires can reduce its performance by up to 4%. Avoid it!

3. Plan all your trips and trips

If you want to save gas when you travel, take into account all the details of your trip. Locate the stops, the booths, the sites with traffic jams and try to take the simple and safe routes.

Ford estimates that, for every 10 minutes per hour of extra traffic, up to 14% is added to your gas mileage. Therefore it is very important to know the route and the estimated times.

4. Apply the «Saver Start»

This is a trick that Pro motorists know very well and is to start the car so that the power is so high and does not waste so much gasoline. Apply it to your standard car, follow these steps:

a) try to start the car without stepping on the accelerator and use the first speed only for the start of the ride
b) change second speed immediately after passing the initial 5m

If you drive after the second speed and avoid sudden accelerations, you can close up to 11% of your car’s fuel consumption.

5. Lighten the weight of the vehicle

If your vehicle carries a lot of weight this can consume up to 6% more fuel, it may not mean much but, if you multiply 6% of every day for 7 days a week, for 4 weeks, for 12 months you will see a figure that will surely impact you.

6. Maintain a uniform speed

If you keep the vehicle at a uniform and acceptable speed of fuel it is greatly reduced.

»Gasoline consumption is directly proportional to the way you step on the accelerator» Ford Company

7. If you are not moving Turn off the car engine

7. If you are not moving Turn off the car engine

If you live in a chaotic city where traffic is a daily thing or you have to make long lines, we recommend you turn off the engine.
In case you thought that the car did not consume gasoline while not moving with the engine running, we have bad news, this is not the case, in addition to the lowest fuel consumption in a normal engine without the car being turned of 0.10 liters of Gasoline

Whether or not you have gasoline, it is important that you follow these recommendations to become a true fuel saving expert. Remember each weight is a weight you can invest in the future.