12 things to plant in April – why you should start now for summer blooms

Spring has arrived in the UK with brighter days and hours of sunshine providing perfect growing conditions for young plants. With the new season in full swing, there’s a range of vibrant flowers and tasty fruits that can be planted now to spruce up your garden, but what should you be doing this weekend? Express.co.uk reveals the 12 things to plant – and why now is a crucial time for your summer garden.

Flowers to plant in April

There are plenty of seeds to sow and young plants to dig up this month that will lay the groundwork for your summer blooms.

According to Gardeners’ World, the following flowers are ready to be sown from seed or transplanted into garden soil:


Field poppies, California orange poppies and opium poppies can all be sown from March to May for vibrant blooms throughout summer and fall.


These striking flowers are ready to plant, with a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Plant from seed or buy young plants and grow your cosmos in full sun and well-drained soil for best results.

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This fragrant flower is a sight to behold during the summer months, and April is the perfect time to transplant your fall seedlings into your garden soil.

Wigwam supports and sturdy stakes are essential for successfully growing sweet peas, so gather some lightweight twine to secure these fresh flowers as they grow.


Yet another spectacular bloomer, Monarda is best grown from ready-to-pot seedlings.

When growing this spectacular perennial, you need to keep the soil moist and cover the seeds to prevent them from drying out.

Other flowers to plant now include:

  • Spanish flag – vigorous annual climber that can be sown under cover and replanted after the last frost
  • Bunnytail grass – works well with other annuals and perennials, can be sown directly into the ground from April
  • Tobacco plant – known for its alluring fragrance, this plant can be sown directly into topsoil towards the end of the month
  • Angelica gigas – sow this majestic perennial under cover and transplant after the last frost

Fruit to plant in April

Whether you’re looking to add taller trees or smaller fruit bearing plants to your garden, there are plenty of tasty crops to choose from.


April is the perfect time to establish strawberry runners that will flower in just a few weeks.

Plant runners in the ground in neat rows or use a custom-made strawberry pot as recommended by Gardeners’ World.

Hanging baskets are another great place to raise these juicy fruits, but remember to deter slugs and snails from your plants wherever you choose to grow them.

Potted fruit trees

Bare-root planting season is over, but it’s time to focus on potted trees and shrubs instead.

April is the perfect time to start growing summer fruits like figs, currants and gooseberries – all of which are the perfect addition to any warm weather dessert.

Oranges and lemons can also be grown throughout the summer, so start planting your favorite fruit trees this month to secure your harvest later in the year.

Fruit trees are best grown in soil-based compost and do well in large pots, with plenty of room to establish a strong root system.

According to Gardeners’ World, you should water the tree more regularly than if you planted it in the ground and cover with fresh compost each spring.

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