A digital Gucci bag on Roblox sold for more than the real thing

Some of Gucci’s digital accessories on Roblox generate huge profits for game dealers. The catch? These accessories are not NFTs.

Gucci recently launched Gucci Garden, its first experiential event on Roblox – a virtual installation inspired by the fashion powerhouse “Archetypes” event in Florence, Italy.

On May 17, the event featured a limited digital version of the “Gucci Dionysus bag with bee” bag for an hour – with over 400 users who bought it for 475 Robux (around $ 6).

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At the right time, resellers began to make the “limited edition” bag available soon after, and things got really weird when the bag suddenly sold for 350,000 Robux (around $ 4,115).

Yes, you heard right. Over $ 4,000 for a digital Gucci bag – almost $ 800 more than the actual bag price of $ 3,400!

The sale naturally signaled players to frantically start buying random Gucci in-game items that they had previously overlooked, in the hopes that one of them would then resell them for a lot more. Players will now refuel any item that mentions the word “collectable” in its description.

And this is where it gets even weirder. As founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian highlighted on Twitter, the revenue from the resale of virtual items is not transferable off-platform – unlike auctioned NFTs, so it’s really a mystery what the seller will do with all of those Robuxes.

Image: Gucci

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