A luxury apartment complex in Gurugram that honors sustainability

The DLF Golf Links are not only the artery of Gurugram but also reflect the aspirations of an ambitious India. Located in the heart of it all, the first impression of The Camellias is not just its expanse, but a pioneering vision of a sustainable, self-sufficient community.

The clubhouse project team was led by Shawn Sullivan, partner and studio head of the Rockwell Group of New York for architectural and interior design; with Arnold Chan of Isometrix Lighting + Design of London for lighting design; Jay Wright, CEO of The Wright Fit for the fitness center; Ingo Schweder, founder of GOCO Hospitality for the design of the spa; and Gerdo Aquino, co-CEO, SWA Group, the landscape architecture firm. This team worked closely with the principal architect of The Camellias, Hafeez Contractor.

The property is home to some of the most luxurious penthouses in the country.

The issue of sustainability

The Camellias, which DLF proudly announced as the first residential project in India to be accredited with LEED Platinum certification by the US Green Building Council, is the focus of extensive sustainability and conservation efforts. energy. This included transplanting over 100 fully mature trees that were being cut down in other parts of town. They are now thriving in their new home. The treatment plant produces water clean enough for a range of agricultural activities, including horticulture. Gardens and green spaces are only irrigated with treated water.

A selection of native plant species have been used in the landscaping and rainwater harvesting systems are in place to use natural resources efficiently. Using recycled water for plumbing fixtures in all residences and the clubhouse reduces potable water demand by up to 45% and installing energy-efficient fenestration systems helps minimize heat gain in conditioned spaces . CFC-free refrigerants – which do not damage the depleting ozone layer – boost the project’s green quotient. The project also uses AAC blocks and other sustainable building materials made from recycled content. There is also an adequate fresh air supply in the air conditioning system to avoid sick building syndrome; and low-VOC paints, adhesives, and sealants were used as interior finishes. Overall, energy savings of over 32% have been achieved compared to ASHRAE standards.

A landscape inspired by the camellia

The clubhouse has seven different landscaped concrete roofs at different levels, inspired by abstract versions of the camellia flower. The facade of the building is enlivened by different materials, from striated stone, glass, to metal panels and the clubhouse sits on a monumental water feature.

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