Aldi launches pizza oven that costs £3,000 less than rivals

Aldi is selling a pizza oven that costs nearly £3,000 less than a competitor.

The Gardenline Gas Pizza Oven is the latest Specialbuy to hit the market this week and is priced at £200. Aldi has warned customers that the pizza oven will be available online now, but once it sells out it will no longer be available.

Aldi says the pizza oven is a replica of the £2,959 Fontana pizza oven, which is considered one of the top models available to buy to help you cook pizza at home. Instead, the Aldi version costs just under £200.

The black steel pizza oven comes with a removable pizza stone and two heat settings. It has wheels to move it around the carden and can be stored inside when not in use. Aldi says buying the pizza oven could save you 94% over others available. You can buy it here.

The gas-powered pizza oven is even cheaper than Ooni’s popular compact pizza ovens, which are considered some of the best on the market. The cheapest Ooni oven is priced at £300.

The cheap pizza oven isn’t the first garden accessory to come out of Aldi’s garden kitchen range. The brand has already sold a Gardenline smoker and barbecue for just £65, cheaper than even the cheapest Weber portable barbecue option. You can buy the Aldi Gardenline smoker barbecue here.

Aldi typically launches new Specialbuys on Thursday and Sunday mornings with everything from garden accessories like egg chairs and rattan furniture, to pet accessories and even unusual items like paddle boards.

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