Apple’s iPhone 15 might finally get one of the most requested features in a long time

From more storage to better battery life, some generic upgrades are guaranteed to hit the wish lists of top iPhone users every year. But one particular update has been requested for years – and while it might not arrive in 2022, new reports suggest it will finally land with the iPhone 15.

Fans were disappointed earlier this year to learn that the iPhone 14 is unlikely to replace the standard Lightning port with USB-C. (Don’t feel like waiting? Check out the best iPhone 13 deals available right now.)

iPhone 14 render

A fan-made render of the iPhone 14 (Image credit: TT Technology on Twitter)

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As spotted by MacRumors, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that some, if not all, iPhone 15 models will feature USB-C. Fans are clamoring for the Universal Port to make its way to the iPhone, allowing much greater connectivity with accessories and faster charging.

“It took six years too long,” commented one Twitter user, while another added: “Good. USB-C is the future, not to mention cars are also starting to have USB-C sockets. charging speed and transfers.”

But it looks like change won’t happen this year. According to iDropNews, the entire iPhone 14 lineup is set to include Lightning instead of USB-C. This means that most external accessories, such as cameras or hard drives, will still require a dongle to connect to the device.

Faster speeds would of course be a plus – and with the iPhone 14 rumored to feature massive storage sizes, creatives should have more freedom than ever when it comes to file transfers.

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro has retained the Lightning port (Image credit: future)

While Apple has, as TechRadar notes, been slapped by European regulations insisting it eventually include USB-C, it seems Apple wants to keep its walled garden for as long as possible. And with the 14 rumored to get a physical size increase, creatives better save a lot of bag space for the next generation iPhone — or wait for the iPhone 15.

Hey, maybe Apple will surprise us with a USB-U-turn in September, but for now it looks like the dongle dystopia is set to continue for another year. Don’t want to wait to find out? Check out today’s best iPhone 13 deals below.

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