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Becoming popular after the lockdown when we had to run our dining tables twice to make up for being stuck inside, the table setting trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Usually reserved for top restaurants, weddings, and magazine photoshoots, sprucing up meals with pretty cutlery, a nice tablecloth and for the real candle, a centerpiece in its own right, has become a sure-fire way to make meals at home even better. more exciting.

And it still is, even with the lock in our rear view (yep!). Even if you’re just sitting down for a humble dinner of beans on toast, there’s something about dressing tables in all manner of adornments that creates a feeling of occasion. We cannot have enough.

It’s a passion with levels. If you already have more tablecloths, candle holders, and placemats than your drawers can fit, it’s time to turn your attention to glassware.

Nothing will spoil the effect of your carefully organized table than a mingling collection of pint glasses, branded promotional tumblers and a few balloon glasses. For a nice uniformity and to create interest, a set of colored glasses is unbeatable.

From pastel-hued tumblers to iridescent gin glasses, we’ve looked up and down to bring you the best colorful glassware sets to invest in.

Bormioli Rocco Romantic Highball Vintage Italian Cut Glass Cocktail Tumblers, Pink

Give your tables a romantic look with this set of six highball cups of 340ml each. The distinctive cut glass design will catch the light – be it the sun or the candles – and add an extra level of dreaminess to your next dinner party.


The Forest & Co Set of four ribbed amber tumblers

Swap your boring tumblers for this set of four amber colored tumblers, designed in Denmark. With a narrower bottom, this set of ribbed glasses will stack neatly on top of each other, so they won’t take up much space in your cabinets either.

The Forest & Cie

Oliver Bonas Rosado Rose Set of four stemless wine glasses

Rose all day? Pair the color of your favorite grapes with these stemless wine glasses, featuring a gold rim.

Olivier Bonas

Dibor Summer Dining Set of Four Luxury Colorful Tumblers

The pleasure of summer is to eat under a blue sky. Elevate the happiness with this set of colorful tumblers, engraved with pretty designs begging to be captured on the ‘Gram.


Soho Home Necklace Glass Tumbler Set of Four

Bring a little of that exclusive membership club home with the Barcelona Outpost-inspired Soho Home Four-Piece Orange Tumbler Set. The rich amber hue adds a dose of elegance to table settings all year round.

Soho House

Dagget Set of 6 Turtle Tumblers, Amber

Tortoise shell has long been popular in the interior world thanks to its timeless look that pairs well with most other colors. The set of six tumblers from MADE will not only enhance your tables, but also leave little impact on your wallet. Nice glasses, even better price.


LSA International Dusk Balloon Gin Glass, 650 ml, set of 2, green / gray

Gin cocktails need special balloon glasses to allow the spirit to really come into its own and blend properly with mixers and toppings. While colored glass doesn’t play a role in taste, it’s definitely a feast for the eyes. Place these glasses in the path of the setting sun and marvel at their color changing delicately as the light fades.


ARTLAND Set of 4 Highgate DOF Tumblers, Multicolored

A G&T is a beauty in its own right, but pour your services into these jewel-toned tumblers and admire your evening drink on a whole new level. The set of four is made from pressed glass, and each goblet is a different color, adding a pop of color to the all-white tabletops.


Pols Potten Blocks Multicolored Champagne Glasses – Set of 6

Designed to be admired, Pols Potten’s flutes are a cut above the rest. This multi-colored set features a geometric block pattern that has been sandblasted onto the glass, infusing your next drinking session with color. Plus, the different shades mean there won’t be any confusing drinks – win-win!

Pols Potten

Stories of Italy Murano Set Of 6 Glasses

Crafted from the finest Murano glass, this set of six tumblers is sure to bring any table setting to life. One for serious table decorating enthusiasts, we’re putting hand-blown designs on our lottery winning shopping list. If you’re thinking of getting them, the 15% first-order discount should give you a useful boost.

Stories from Italy


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