Best Leaving Gifts for Coworkers 2022


When a co-worker leaves your workplace, it’s good practice to throw a small party in their honor.

They may change jobs, retrain, or retire from the game altogether, but the time you spent together walking on the same office carpet for about eight hours a day means you’ve forged a bond like no other.

It could be your work BFF (sob, end of an era) or someone you enjoyed dissecting office politics with; wherever they go next, you’ll want to give them something to remember you by.

If you’re in charge of the card and the collection, it’s up to you to sort out the leaving gift, and even if you know your work colleague well, imagine the perfect gift (it’s within budget) may leave you confused.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve found the best goodbye gifts to give them, whether it’s to enjoy at home or new accessories for their next workplace.

All that remains is to sort out the starting drinks.

See our favorite ideas below

Fortnum & Mason Tea Time Set


Give them a job well done and a loving farewell with a sumptuous gift box filled with F&M’s favorite afternoon treats. Packaged in the store’s distinctive teal box, this set contains everything they need for a luxury brew; Royal Blend Tea, Summer Glory Preserve – delicious on toast, scones or crumpets and a box of all butter Piccadilly Chocolate Pearl Cookies. It is bound to impress.

Tower T17023 Air Fryer Oven


If you’re looking for a gift that isn’t a bouquet of flowers or a gift card, welcome to the leftmost option on our list.

The Tower Air Fryer could be the perfect starter gift for someone who will be freelancing from home or starting their own business. It uses Vortx technology to cook snacks and meals in the 2.2L basket with up to 99% less fat. The little machine won’t take up much space on counters and it comes with a host of pre-loaded cooking options to get them started right out of the box. Comes with a three year warranty.

Find more air fryers here.

Beer Hawk 10th Anniversary Discovery Box

beer hawk

For the starter who loves their hops, send them on their way with a bumper beer can under their arm. This hamper is to celebrate Beer Hawk’s 10th anniversary and contains a mix of beers from British, Norwegian and South African makers, plus a Beer Hawk branded glass so they can serve in style. On sale from 30€.

Suzie Bidlake Tiffin Box

Suzie Bidlake

If you like the idea of ​​having lunch with an exotic fanfare, let yourself be transported for an hour thanks to this stainless steel tiffin lunch box, hand-painted by artisans in Maharashtra, India.

Besides going to the office, it’s also an easy picnic option, keeping all courses divided until mealtime.

TASSIMO Coffee Machine by Bosch Style TAS1102GB – Black


You can no longer make rounds of tea or coffee for each other, but you can treat yourself to a last good cup of tea thanks to Currys. The electrical retailer is offering this Tassimo coffee machine in a range of colors for just £29. It uses Intellibrew technology to ensure that every sip is the perfect blend of aroma and taste. Plus, they can choose from over 50 varieties of coffee discs and hot drinks to change up their new morning routine. Available in different colors.

Rick Rack Monogram Paper Note Cards


There’s nothing like a new set of stationery to brighten up their next office and make a splash at their new job. Send them your best wishes via Paper, which offers a range of excellent letter writing sets and note cards in chic designs, all with the option of personalisation. Add their initials or name before clicking the payment button. This set comes in three color options and also comes with a set of envelopes.

25 for a set of 10.

Cath Kidston Summer Birds Garden Trowel and Fork Set

Cath Kidston

Whether retirement is approaching or they’re spending time playing with their green thumbs before heading out to their next gig, gardening fans will appreciate a cool new kit to help their cuttings grow. Cath Kidston’s fork and trowel set features a lovely Summer Birds design with natural ash handles and hanging hoops, all packaged in a gift box, ready to hand out.

Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Tangerine Travel Candle

Jo Malone

Rare is the beauty lover who doesn’t squeal with delight at one of Jo Malone’s signature cream and black boxes. While many fragrance house best-sellers command high prices, this candle in one of its most popular scents costs £25, making it perfect to hand out to the colleague who lights your 9-5.

The 60g travel size is also available in Peony and Blue Suede, Pomegranate Noir and English Pear and Freesia scents, while standard 200g candles cost £50.

Sony MDR-ZX110AP On-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote, Black


A great pair of headphones is a universally appreciated gift, and this pair from Sony is one of the best budget buys in the game. pause and play without reaching for your phone. There’s also a mic to make work or private calls a breeze.

Find more headphones here.

Dishoom Gift Coins


For the one you’ve always had lunch with, treat them to a good meal at Dishoom with the legendary Indian restaurant’s gift certificates. They come in the form of special coins, each worth £10, which is enough to cover most breakfast or lunch options.

Firebox Custom Air Fresheners


If you’re looking for a personal gift that won’t break the bank, Firebox is full of original ideas at affordable prices. It makes goofy gifts best (which also work well for fun Secret Santa gifts) like this car air freshener you can have printed with your face – or their office nemesis – for a prank that’ll tickle both of you. .

Traitor Loco Lemon Mug

lemon locomotive

Bring a smug smile to their face with the gift of this mug that explains how you really feel. The ceramic mug is dishwasher safe and at this price would pair perfectly with a can of their favorite tea.

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