BODY404 Honors Mental Health Month With A Cornucopia Of Unique Fashion Designers To Celebrate Your Beauty

NEW YORK, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — May is Mental Health Month and BODY404 celebrates it with an array of global independent creators and designers designed to help Gen Z and Millennials find unique fashion to build a positive body image while expressing individuality in ways they never thought possible.

“Don’t bottle your beauty,” said BODY404’s brand manager Charles Wang. “Our freelance designers are here to deliver unique and on-trend fashion styles to help you feel more inclusive to help build your confidence and overcome any body image issues you may have.”

From dresses, skirts and sweaters to coats, there’s something for every young consumer with authentic and groundbreaking designs. The BODY404 line of activewear will make everyone feel more comfortable while getting in shape by working out at their local gym.

With stunning false eyelashes from the Mlen Diary collection and a full range of luxury aesthetic jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, finding an item that can enhance and add style to your life to help Bringing out your inner beauty is easy.

One of the site’s innovative products called Sticool tattoo stickers can also add color and creativity to help tell the story of every chapter of your life.

The brand’s temporary or disposable tattoo stickers fade naturally after a few days while herbal semi-permanent tattoo stickers can last 2-4 weeks. There are also personalized stickers. The Sticool brand was created by three university graduates from California.

There is a large assortment of trending decal designs across the United States, Europe, Australiaand the Middle East.

The e-commerce site is a digital showcase of curated products that elevate, innovate, and advance global culture. All brands are born at the intersection of connection and self-expression. BODY404 specializes in expressive youth fashion for people who are passionate about their active lifestyle.

“You’ll find unique clothing, accessories and decorations that shake up industry standards and defy expectations,” Wang said.

BODY404 is a place to discover unique new products and exciting ways to show your individuality of what makes you unique without breaking the bank. It is also a place to find timeless designs for self-expression with various unique brands that are worldly and sociable.

“We don’t follow unpredictable and unstable fashion trends, because our products uniquely showcase who you are,” Wang said.

In addition to jewelry, apparel, and footwear fashion products, BODY404 also offers a selection of accessories, home and life, and beauty products.

Some other innovative products from BODY404 such as biodegradable phone cases are unique solutions to save the planet while protecting your phone. The cases are made from wheat straw converted into a plastic-like material that’s impact-resistant but won’t hang around in landfills for too long.

The 100% biodegradable material produces no waste. The renewable straw material decomposes between three and six months in home composters to provide natural fertilizer for the garden.

Thanks to this soft and flexible material, the cases are more impact resistant than most plastic phone cases. The printing on these cases is also environmentally friendly with non-toxic ink reducing pollutants to the environment.

BODY404 was founded in 2021 by a community of international creatives, but all products in its marketplace are of the highest quality and made in China for substantial savings.

“To begin your journey to find authentic, unique, innovative products that can help build a positive body image to express your youthful personality more confidently, shop the BODY404 website today,” Wang said.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Charles Wang at 4127373050 or [email protected].


Charles Wang
Brand Manager
New York, NY
Phone: 4127373050
E-mail: [email protected]


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