Bridgeworthy: 8 Market offers tasty dining options

It’s hard to choose between all the delicious food offerings.

We decided not to give any holiday gifts this year and instead took our friends on a culinary adventure, discovering Market on the 8th.e Public Market, less than 10 km from Coronado in National City. When you have 12 dining options, it is simply a must to go with a group, so that you can sample the wide range of food on offer.

The new dining hall, which opened in late October, was created by developer Joel Tubao, whose family has operated Pacific Point Properties in the area since the 1960s. Ironically, Tubao was born in Coronado, with his father in the navy and her nursing mother at the hospital. He grew up in South Bay and wants to “help create stepping stones to put National City on the map,” he said, noting that the project had been in the works for three years.

The outdoor patio offers additional dining space.

The old furniture store at 41 E. 8e Street, next to the famous Niederfrank ice cream, has been transformed into an incredible 9,000 square foot food hall, with a 2,000 square foot beer garden, with vintage photos, a mural depicting the national city, created by the daughter of Tubao, communal tables and colorful food and retail spaces. “We have created a family atmosphere where people feel at home and can enjoy good conversation, as well as food and drink around a table or a fireplace,” he commented. Tubao says the response has been positive and the community has been very receptive.

The carne asada fries are loaded with deliciousness.

We all enjoyed the varied dishes we sampled, starting with La Central Mexican’s offerings of chicken, vegetable and carne asada tacos, as well as the loaded carne asada fries, filled with delicious toppings (they also have two locations in Chula Vista). One of my personal favorites was the Filipino Serbesa Vegetarian Pancit. Their menu has a range of other familiar Filipino dishes, which I plan to try on another visit. We sampled three pizza slices from Pizza Kaiju, which was previously a popular pop-up, and we all preferred the loaded baked potato slice, but we didn’t save room for their cookies. allure deliciously delicious. Ping Yang Thai Skewers and More is run by Thunchanok Peralta, whose relatives own other Thai restaurants, which is his first business. With an emphasis on Thai street food, the combo plates are accompanied by your choice of meat, as well as artfully presented vegetables and rice. We had a fight and quickly devoured the tasty garlic and pepper chicken with rice and veg, as well as the chicken satay with peanut sauce.

These are just a few of the various foods we sampled.

My friend Kari praised Weapon Ramen’s Tori Paitan Ramen, which is run by experienced chef and South Bay native Phillip Esteban. Offering breakfast, Japanese sandwiches, ramen, and takeout bento boxes, they also have a location in the Liberty Station Public Market. He also opened a food store, called Wordsmith, which offers cookbooks, cookware, plants, and future book signings. The other retail option is The Fresh Yard, which offers a variety of clothing and accessories, with another location in North Park.

Novo Brazil Brewing Company offers many choices of drinks.

You won’t get thirsty with the variety of libations. 20 taps and selections of on-the-go beers, hard seltts and kombuchas are available from Novo Brazil Brewing Company. After dinner we sipped on hot mokas and chai tea lattes from Moe Coffee, which also has locations in Little Italy and North Park, offering a wide variety of coffee drinks and organic pastries. Our friends Todd and Kari crept in next door and brought back Niederfrank’s Ice Cream, which has been making cold scoops since 1948.

This is the third place for Moe Coffee.

We definitely plan to come back and taste more delicacies. Additional options include Café Indonesia, which is new to San Diego. It’s run by Filipino-born Robert Alfonso where his family ran a restaurant for two decades, but he grew up in Japan, so the recipes reflect various flavors like adobo fried chicken sandwiches on Japanese milk bread. . Other culinary choices include Pacific Poke from Poway and Smitty’s Taste of the Bayou, a Louisiana-style barbecue, which previously operated in North Park. For dessert, head to the MNGO Cafe, which also has a location on Convoy Street.

The first full-time public market concept was introduced to San Diego by David Spatafore of Coronado, with the creation of the Liberty Station Public Market in 2016. Others have emerged in the county, such as the Windmill Food Hall in Carlsbad and the Del Mar Highlands Sky Deck. I highly recommend that you come to the market hungry on the 8the Public market with family and friends, to experience and savor all it has to offer. For more details, see

The 8th food hall market is definitely worth a visit!

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