Building water-efficient pollinator gardens

The Valley of the Moon Garden Club’s June 2 meeting will include a visual presentation on creating beautiful flower gardens as sources of nectar for pollinators using minimal water, according to a club announcement. “Flower gardens don’t have to be large, expansive places to be beneficial to nature or pleasing to people,” club officials said. “Pots on a patio or wildflower meadow all make a big contribution to pollinators. Water techniques make this possible.

The discussion will focus on types of pollinating plants – such as natives, cultivars, heirlooms, annuals and perennials – with photos and a list of the best plants for pollinators. Gardening advice from master gardeners and tips from veteran farmers will be sprinkled throughout the presentation by guest speaker Bonnie Brown. Brown has been a Sonoma Valley organic gardener for 24 years, served as president and vice president of the Valley of the Moon Garden Club, and is co-director of the Monarch Pollinator Garden, a public demonstration garden in Sonoma.

The meeting will be held Thursday, June 2 at Burlingame Hall, First Congregational Church, 252 W. Spain St. The meet and greet time is at 6:30 p.m., with the meeting beginning at 7:00 p.m. The chairs are spaced out and the masks are your choice. . Refreshments and a plant raffle will follow the meeting. Garden club members are free and the general public is $5.

“Having a swath of nectar gardens throughout the Valley and Sonoma County where butterflies, bees, birds and other pollinators can find food, shelter and nesting habitat will increase their ability to thrive. “, concluded the announcement. “A third of all food and drink humans consume must be pollinated by insects, which are in steep decline due to pesticides and habitat loss. Every pollinator garden matters.

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