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Watch out for all the window shopping: this one is for you.

The American Dream mega mall in the Meadowlands has opened its luxury shopping wing.

L’Avenue promises more than just maximizing your credit cards – it’s a feast for the senses.

Anchored by luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue – its only location in the state – The Avenue also features a gourmet restaurant, a sculpture garden designed by New Jersey native Jonathan Adler, and intimate lounges.

Even the Dolce & Gabbana boutique itself is a work of art.

Interiors at The Avenue feature an exhibition of American art and fashion curated by Ree and Jason Willaford of Galleri Urbane in Marfa and Dallas, Texas.

Coming soon to The Avenue: Alexander Wang, Anne Fontaine, Brüt Champagne Bar, Gentle Monster, Jonathan Adler, and Zadig & Voltaire.

Here’s a look at what’s open.

Look inside the avenue at American Dream

The American Dream mega mall in the Meadowlands is opening a luxury boutique wing that promises to be a must-see experience, and not just for luxury designer brands.

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

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15 iconic retail stores that no longer exist (but we totally miss shopping)

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A colorful personality transforms the apartment into a “welcome gallery” Sat, 18 Sep 2021 07:55:00 +0000

Shot by Yang Di. Subtitles by Yang Di.

Shirley Zhao imbued her apartment with her personality and sense of style, reflecting her individual vision, wishes and desires.

It is a place where Zhao can show off his colorful personality, as well as a peaceful and serene space for his family of three. City life can be hectic and she wants a comfortable and relaxing environment for her family to enjoy together.

The Shanghai native moved to the apartment in Gubei district, Changning district three years ago. Her experience in finding a home has convinced her that it’s all about timing – finding the right place at the right time.

Courtesy of Shirley Zhao / Ti Gong

The relaxing sofa is placed against the wall covered with large “Blue Notes” on silk by German conceptual artist Ute Lindner, whose works are dear to many European collectors and museums.

“It’s like finding your other half, right? Indeed, it’s not much less important,” she joked.

Moving to this location was mainly because her daughter’s high school is only a block away. And a generous outdoor space surrounded by lush trees and plants is an added bonus, especially in downtown Shanghai.

“The high ceiling, a sturdy garden and abundant natural light from the large windows and doors made me fall in love with this apartment,” Zhao said.

White walls provide a perfect backdrop for her favorite artwork, furniture, and unique accessories.

“A number of white walls inspired me to transform the space into a ‘welcome gallery’,” she said. Zhao, who lived in Berlin with her husband Marc Tempus and traveled the world, moved to Shanghai in 2005. She created documentary films and events in Berlin, and founded the 4C Charity (Children help Children Charity Council) in Shanghai.

A colorful personality transforms the apartment into a

Dong Jun / SHINE

The “He” dining chair is designed by Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre.

Her personal style for interiors changes depending on the country she lives in, the different stages of her life and the type of house or apartment. But one thing that never changes is that she likes to mix and match “Shirley’s temple”.

Shirley’s Temple means a place of Chinese and European antiques, traditional and modern designs, antique pieces and contemporary artwork, world famous artists and children’s art. She opened an international artist residency project downtown and invited 12 artists from various fields around the world to Shanghai. As part of the project, she hosted several exhibitions, art dinners and workshops.

“After closing the residency project, I chose unique pieces for my“ reception gallery ”. And with my collections that I have enriched over the years, almost every corner of this apartment generates an artistic and playful atmosphere. The mixture of cultures and the arts creates an atmosphere of love at home, ”she said.

A colorful personality transforms the apartment into a

Dong Jun / SHINE

A welcoming entrance is made up of a “Happy Buddha” painting created by Shirley Zhao’s daughter, Marlene Tempus, as well as a vintage sewing machine by Zhao’s German mother-in-law.

The generous layout of the lounges and dining rooms offers the perfect opportunity to exhibit its collections. Behind the mix of inherited antiques and contemporary art lie personal stories. Each object contains a story and is chosen according to its life path.

The opium bed in the center of the living space was a wedding present from her family, while she found an Art Deco wine barrel in Budapest.

Two uniquely redesigned Art Deco chairs enhance the “East meets West” vibe, and a ceiling painting in the living room was created by German concept artist Patrick Huber, well known for his “l ‘philosophy. art can fade and disappear “.

“Patrick is an old friend from Berlin, and when he visited my apartment he wanted to leave his’ disappearing work ‘here. When he looked at the high shaped ceiling, I immediately said’ I can move away the big lamp, “” Zhao mentioned.

A colorful personality transforms the apartment into a

Dong Jun / SHINE

The opium bed in the living room was a wedding gift from Zhao’s sister.

The result is a gorgeous piece created with light colored chalk.

“As the light colored chalk will fade over time and we plan to live here only a few years, the artwork will eventually fade away. And why not ? There is a Chinese proverb: “There is no permanent banquet in the world, ‘and this can also apply to works of art,” she said.

A special rug with a silhouette of the Shanghai Bund and a crochet “household help” sculpture by textile artist Patricia Waller adorn the hallway.

“Patricia is definitely the pioneer of crochet sculpture in the world. I was honored to have her among my artists in residence in 2016,” she said, adding that she was co-hosting her new exhibition at the Leo gallery on Wukang Road. this month.

A colorful personality transforms the apartment into a

Courtesy of Shirley Zhao / Ti Gong

A special rug with a silhouette of the Shanghai Bund and a crochet “house help” sculpture by textile artist Patricia Waller adorn the hallway.

The White Room serves as an office where Zhao spends a lot of time, is a peaceful sanctuary of white hues, flattering lighting, and stunning white artwork. It contrasts with the rest of the space which is playful and colorful.

“We like to relax in this room to read, to think, to be dizzy,” she said.

But even in this all-white space, Zhao prefers to layer different textures and funky patterns. Highlights are a pair of white textile installations in plexiglass boxes made by multitalented Italian artist / designer Monica Bertini.

“The unique, self-made pair of boxes contain so many elements ranging from the artist’s scraps of woolen yarn from her collection of designs to her understanding of the five Chinese elements and the sonic magnetic energy injected by a healer. spiritual recognition during the process of artistic creation, ”Zhao says. “No wonder these two works are so magical in this white room, giving it power and calm.”

A colorful personality transforms the apartment into a

Dong Jun / SHINE

Shirley Zhao enjoys spending time in the outdoor space surrounded by lush trees and plants.

Ask the owner

Q: What’s the best thing about living in Shanghai?

A: For me, a Shanghainese, going back to Shanghai not only means going back to the hometown that I know, but also seeing new things and new developments that are constantly emerging every day. The harmony between the old and the new is Shanghai and the unique culture of Shanghai.

Q: Describe your house in three words.

A: playful, clever, mix-match

Q: How do you relax?

A: Have a drink in my garden.

Q: Where do you spend the most time at home?

A: In the garden when the weather permits. Otherwise, my white bedroom or living room.

Q: What is the view outside your window?

A: Lots of green

Q: Where do you buy furniture from?

A: I bought furniture everywhere. The antiques were bought from local and European antique shops, while the more modern ones come from Italy and Germany.

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]]> 3-Day Beauty Pop-Up Tour Stops In El Paso This Weekend Fri, 17 Sep 2021 20:48:22 +0000

Fill your glam bag with favorite beauty supplies, from makeup to accessories and tools on the Beauty Pop-Up Tour at the Hilton Garden Inn this weekend in El Paso, TX.

Until Sunday, do your beauty at the Beauty Pop-Up with incredible offers that will allow you to refresh your beauty kit immediately.

For the past couple of years, I have visited these traveling beauty pop-ups because not only are their deals too good to be left out, but the quality of their products is legit.

Personally, after the pandemic, I wore little or no makeup and got rid of a bunch of old makeup. But now that the events are back, I’ve replenished my beauty arsenal, and this is the perfect place to get it back on track while saving some cash in your wallet.

to listen Monika at noon all week on 93.1 KISS-FM and download our free 93.1 KISS– FM application.

Fill your makeup bag with high quality makeup, skin care, hair care, hair tools, perfumes and more at super low prices including:

  • Matte lip gloss / Lipsticks
  • Foundation / Powders
  • Eyeshadow palettes
  • Skin care
  • Nail accessories
  • Eyelashes
  • Hairdressing tools

Plus, you can also claim a free voucher to get a free lip gloss or eye shadow – check out The Beauty Pop-Up on Facebook for how to redeem it:

The annual Beauty Pop-Up will take place over three days at the Hilton Garden Inn El Paso Airport starting today, with free admission and parking.

  • The ephemeral beauty visit
  • September 17 – 19, 2021 (Friday – Sunday)
  • Hilton Garden Inn El Paso Airport located at 6650 Gateway Blvd East
  • Hours: 10 am-6pm
  • Cash and credit cards accepted.
  • Parking and entry: free

Discover a world of exotic snacks in El Paso

Stunning photos taken by El Pasoans in 2021

Overview of Loteria Del Chuco

El Paso Blue Moon Drive-in

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Versatile organizers for all sizes of space Thu, 16 Sep 2021 22:55:00 +0000 Clear acrylic storage bins, baskets and organizers for every room.

Spring cleaning in September? Hear us out: Getting organized before fall eliminates summer toys and sports equipment to make room for the influx of Halloween and holiday decorations. Tackling an area by function rather than by room can help choose the right kind of accessories to source.


Setting up a shed or garage requires some planning and a surprising amount of stuff (to contain all the other things). Start with clear bins with lids that can be stacked, left on the floor, or placed on a shelf. These can hold everything from camping gear and sports gear to souvenirs that don’t need to be accessed every day.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone with seasonal items to take out.

Why we approve it: Comes in a pack of six; snap cover.

Where he could use improvements: The handles are not the sturdiest for constant use (it is more for the items that will be stored).

Size / weight / dimensions: 32 or 53 pints.

Large adhesive labels.

Labeling the bins does not require a small and finicky labeller. These large adhesive labels are erasable, making it easy to change them without having to tear them up and start over. These can be printed or written (Sharpies work best).

Who is it ideal for: Anyone who wants to keep their bins labeled.

Why we approve it: Size, price, can be used for a printer.

Where he could use improvements: It is best to use on a dry, smooth and hard surface.

Size / weight / dimensions: 6 “x4” / 15-pack.


Broom holder for the wall.

Get all the random things out of corners and the floor with the wall organizer with six slots for household items like rakes, brooms, mops, dusters, squeegees, umbrellas and small, lightweight garden tools like shovels and trowels.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone who wants to use the wall space.

Why we approve it: Practical and space-saving design.

Where he could use improvements: Mounted with screws (some assembly required).

Size / Weight / Dimensions: Six slots.

(For limited space, these clamps come in a pack of two and do not require assembly.)

Wire basket for indoor / outdoor storage.

Wire baskets are very trendy for indoor storage right now, but they also work well in a garage or dry shed. Fill it with all the random assorted things that don’t have a dedicated spot yet (like a tape measure, scissors, tape, and extension cords).

Who is it ideal for: Anyone who could use utility and lightweight storage baskets in style.

Why we approve it: Design, price for a pack of two.

Where he could use improvements: These are not stackable.

Size / Weight / Dimensions: 28.09 x 22 x 14.3 cm.

Perforated basket.

Open-top baskets perform a rather different function than heavy-duty storage bins; instead of hiding things, it’s supposed to be easily accessible while keeping things tidy. These perforated plastic bins are perfect for towels, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, clothing, toys and board games.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone with items they want to keep out of the way (but still easy to access).

Why we approve it: Hassle-free size, construction and maintenance.

Where he could use improvements: These are not stackable.

Size / Weight / Dimensions: 18 “long x 13.3” wide x 10.3 “high.

Slim and adjustable organizer.

To organize everything from knobs and small screws to spools of thread, these slim storage bins have plenty of compartments for bits and bobs in the garage or in the storage closet.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone with an overflowing waste drawer.

Why we approve it: The compartments are adjustable in size and the handle has a latch.

Where he could use improvements: Designed for small items.

Size / Weight / Dimensions: 5 “H x 9” W.

Tackle the pantry like a pro

The Container Store pantry package.

The Home Edit team has turned the organization into an influential Instagram feed with 5.5 million subscribers, a Netflix show, and an array of products that sort every inch of homes, from spices to pencils. Many of the products they use frequently are part of the iDesign line, such as clear acrylic bins in different sizes, shapes and functions for the bedroom, bathroom and pantry. There are also lazy susans and, of course, the classic gray Montauk baskets with a white fabric lining. You do not know where to start ? The Container Store offers a pantry starter kit, an introduction to organization, with a mix of storage bins and food containers that take the guesswork out of ordering.

Who is it ideal for: Someone who is moving or remodeling their pantry.

Why we approve it: Convenience, brand confidence, friendliness.

Where he could use improvements: This set cannot be mixed and matched (but it is easy to add on the package with more items).

Size / Weight / Dimensions: Variable sizes.

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Stitcher’s Garden Quilt Shop moves to Brentwood Thu, 16 Sep 2021 10:00:37 +0000

Stitcher’s Garden has been offering one of the largest assortments of quilting fabrics in middle Tennessee for over 30 years. Recently, the store moved from its famous cramped Franklin neighborhood off I-65 to twice the space in Brentwood at 144 Wilson Pike Circle. The new location allowed the store to have more space for their almost overwhelming selection of quilting fabrics, as well as quilting patterns, accessories and supplies.

With the new space came more organization. The fabrics are assembled by type and color. But always be prepared to spend several hours looking around because there are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from. The fabrics are not only great for quilting, but also for curtains, pillows and nursery accessories.

Very soon they will be offering quilting classes, but for now there are many quilting books available to help everyone from novices to skilled quilters.

Started by owner Myra Nickolaus after years of being a stay-at-home mom – and before that, a chemist in Murfreesboro – she has built an international reputation for her wide range of fabrics, including many unusual and discontinued selections. This store is also often recommended by quilting magazines. Visitors from as far away as Australia rave about the store’s quilter’s paradise.

A visitor from New York said in a review:

“My wife had been looking for an oriental patterned fabric for a quilt for our daughter for a while, and as we were traveling through Tennessee, we decided to go shopping here. This place is amazing – thousands of rolls of fabric… We spent about two hours looking for the perfect assortment of colors and patterns for the quilt. This is the first time that I remember that she was able to find everything she wanted in one go…. If you are traveling to Nashville, be sure to take a detour here to [Brentwood], you will not be disappointed.

Another said:

“I focused on the big quarters because I didn’t have a lot of time. I grabbed a basket and started loading it. I have never seen so much choice. If I had had more time, I would have bought footage… My recommendation is to check it out.

Two other customers said:

“An incredible assortment of beautiful fabrics! I was left free to browse and move the bolts and then when I wanted help I was quickly assisted by a knowledgeable professional. The prices are good and the service is quick. I come back soon!”

“They have the largest selection of unusual quilt fabrics in the Nashville-Franklin area as far as I know. They have a great selection of batik fabrics and some really good novelty type fabrics for household sewers.

Newcomers to the store will want to know that the fabrics are ripped and not cut with scissors or a rotary cutter. Plus, come up with an idea of ​​what you’re looking for, or significant boating time, due to the sheer volume of fabric.

Due to the loss of her husband, Nickolaus reduced store opening hours. Currently, the hours are Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and a few Saturdays each month. Saturday hours for the remainder of September are Saturday, September 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They will announce Saturday hours for October later. For more information, call them at 615-370-9662 or check out their Facebook page at

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How to have fun with your family on a tight budget Sun, 12 Sep 2021 04:33:32 +0000

You don’t need a lot of money to entertain your kids today. Why not try these fun activities that everyone in your family will love?

Be creative with beads

Children love pearls. Buy a bag of matching beads at a craft store and let your kids sort the beads by shape and color. They can thread larger beads to a lace and smaller beads to an elastic cord. You can also buy a book on beading or go to your local library to find books on beading to help your child with original ideas. Remember to always watch the beading if young children are participating, as they can easily swallow and choke on the beads.

Draw, paint and tell stories

Let your child draw whatever he wants. Encourage her to tell you stories in her photos. You can then write the stories alongside their pictures, creating their own creative storybook.

Play dress up

It’s not just girls who like to dress in mom’s clothes – boys like to wear daddy’s clothes just as much. Don’t forget about accessories such as earrings, hats, belts, handbags and sunglasses. Your kids can pretend to be the parents, and you can have fun pretending to be the kid.

Go on a treasure hunt

Children of all ages love scavenger hunts. Start by drawing a map for your children to follow to find clues. Draw pictures on the card for young children who are not able to read clues or written instructions. Hide all kinds of objects (fun stuff) around the house and garden. Challenge your child to find as many hidden treasures as possible.

Explore Mother Nature

Give your little explorer a magnifying glass and go on an outdoor insect hunt together. Let him lift stones, dig holes and search the environment to find communities of bugs and bugs. Encourage your child to look closely at the insects to tell you what he sees or draw pictures of what he has found.

Plant something

Creating a pretty garden is something the whole family can get involved in and can be a lot of fun. Find a suitable spot in your garden and get to work with your child. Be sure to use potting soil suitable for children, as many mixtures contain fertilizers that are unsafe if consumed. Also make sure the plants are child friendly. A good choice to consider is everyday herbs as they are edible, and some are very aromatic or have colorful flowers. Good choices are spearmint, fennel, parsley, chives, basil, lettuce, carrots, primrose, daisies, pansies, petunias and lavender. Place the plants so that you spell a word or your child’s name.

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2021 Yamaha WR250F review: the single-track Nirvana Thu, 09 Sep 2021 03:44:56 +0000

I’ve been a huge fan of the Yamaha WR250F since I first raced it in 2015. The power, suspension and handling gave me the confidence to further exploit my potential, encouraging me to take on the challenge. more difficult trails. I missed the bike last year when Yamaha updated it. Fortunately, I had a great time with the unchanged 2021 Yamaha WR250F this summer. I was not deceived !

2021 Yamaha WR250F Review: MSRP

While I completely enjoy some of the quarter-liter trail bikes with shorter seat heights that we tested – the Honda CRF250F, Kawasaki KLX230R, and Yamaha TT-R230 – the entire bike from Yamaha WR250F 2021 enduro broadens my expectations. , and I end up riding better. Although I’m not a runner, I like the technical single track trails that test my skills. The WR250F allows me to tackle a wide variety of terrains with confidence, as I trust the power and suspension of the bike to get me out of trouble when I go wrong.

I’ll mention ergonomics first, because the seat height of a full-size off-road motorcycle is a must. With a 30.5-inch inseam, I’m on my tiptoes as I sit on the WR250F’s flat, firm 37.6-inch seat. My 115 pounds doesn’t sag the bike much with the stock springs so every time I stop I have to plan which side I’m going to slide my butt so my boot is planted firmly on the ground . I’ve remembered more than once that Alex Martin, who is an inch and a half shorter than me, has no problem fighting over the even bigger YZ250F around a track. I mention this because the latest WR250F shares a lot of the current motocross genes, from its chassis design to its impressive suspension, albeit obviously with different settings.

2021 Yamaha WR250F Review: MSRP

Okay, I’m not a pro motocross rider, or even an amateur enduro rider. So, yes, the seat height is a bit of a letdown for me. But life is full of compromise. As I go down the trail and walk through the rock gardens, I love the long-travel suspension reflected by the height of the high seat. Realistically, however, I never hit the floor of the suspension, so I could afford to give back an inch or two of travel in exchange for a lower seat.

The 2021 Yamaha WR250F is not too big to handle; the controls are well within reach when sitting or standing, and the slim, well-balanced frame is easy to grip with my knees. The WR250F weighs 254 pounds with its 2.15 gallon tank full, which doesn’t feel too heavy until I try to pick it up from the trail side, downhill side, after slipping around a turn. Yeah, it’s too heavy for me on my own. Fortunately, I don’t ride alone.

2021 Yamaha WR250F Review: Specifications

Accepting that the WR250F is a little too tall and heavy for me when I stop or fall, it’s not like that when I roll. Let’s talk about where it really shines in my eyes: the suspension, handling and power delivered. With the same suspension components as the YZ250F, but with valves, springs and tuning targeted for trail riding, the little WR is a blast to drive.

My first foray into some motorcycle-only, two-lane, single-lane 4x4s reminds me of how important it is to adjust the suspension. I bounced back a bit as I picked up speed, and didn’t feel comfortable cornering despite sliding forward to put my 115 pounds on the front wheel. The WR’s suspension is fully adjustable front and rear, so before my next ride we went to the softer compression damping at both ends and slowed down the rebound damping. The effect was immediately noticeable!

2021 Yamaha WR250F review: enduro bike

I now felt more glued to the dirt, confident to lean around the bends and shift into high gear on the dirt roads. With a suspension more suited to my weight, I was able to really take advantage of the speed-sensitive damping fork that is the pivot of the WR’s suspension assembly. Not only was I able to tackle technical sections at low speed with confidence, but I was equally comfortable going faster in more open sections of the trail.

The power delivered by the WR complements the excellent suspension. While 35 horsepower is definitely more than what I need on the trails, the power is smoother at the bottom and easy to modulate, with power strokes accessible from 6000 to 8000 pm and again from 10k to 11k. Yamaha ditched the California Green Sticker program, opting only for EPA sound output and USFS spark arrester considerations. This means the engine tuning is far superior to the artificially clogged Green Sticker editions – great if you don’t live in California.

2021 Yamaha WR250F review: off-road motorcycle

This indulgent motor personality is perfect in the Los Padres National Forest. Some LPNF trails might be marked Intermediate, if not for a few short stretches that earn them a Black Diamond rating. When making my way through tight, messy chunks of track, I haven’t stalled the engine yet. At the same time, when I have to put the throttle on a steep hill, the engine doesn’t get stuck – being light has its advantages.

Although the WR250F has a wide ratio gearbox, there are times when I always want 1st gear to be a bit higher. I have generally opted for 2nd gear with some clutch action instead of maintaining rpm in 1st gear, as the power is smoother at low revs. Fortunately, the clutch lever pull is not excessive, so my left hand does not wear out during a technical ride. Overall, the wide power band is great and makes the bike easy to ride.

2021 Yamaha WR250F review: off-road motorcycle

It was a good break from the single track trails to shift some gears and let the WR sprint through the sand washes. Standing on the stakes and gripping the bike with my knees, I let the bike dance under me as I maneuvered through rocks and debris. At high speeds, the front end tends to feel a bit loose, but never unstable. Desert cyclists will want to invest in a steering damper.

The handling is intuitive. The WR250F’s chassis is narrow and well-balanced, making it easy to change direction with a slight transfer of weight. Sometimes, while going down a track, I can disconnect myself. Almost always, Body English helps me avoid any rocks or ruts looming in my path. Turning on fast dirt roads takes a bit more work, as I don’t have a lot of weight to move on the front wheel, and my “rear steering” skills need to be improved.

The WR250F’s 21/18 inch wheels are shod with Dunlop MX3S tires and I was very happy with the traction almost everywhere. With the suspension properly adjusted for my weight, the Dunlops kept a secure grip in all conditions, rocky trails, dirt roads and hill climbs. The only time I thought of them was at full speed on dirt roads as I approached flat bends. It’s more a question of riding technique than a rubber problem.

The confidence offered by an excellent front brake allows me to turn the throttle aggressively. There is just the right amount of play before the pads engage on the 270mm rotor. There’s nothing catchy about the engagement, and a reliable linear feel after it. The rear brake is not used much on the trails, but I can report that it is not too sensitive and the lever is easily accessible, standing or sitting.

The WR250F does everything so well that it’s hard for me to find anything, but I’ll mention two things. While there is nothing better than electric start on a large off-road motorcycle – any motorcycle – and the WR doesn’t always fire on the first push of the button. Clicking neutral before pressing the button made a noticeable difference, but it still wasn’t a sure thing when the engine was hot. Also, I don’t like the unsealed aluminum frame as my boots manage to polish the main spar on every ride leaving me dark messy spots on my Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro boots. If I bought the bike, I would invest in a pair of Acerbis X-Grip frame protectors.

The test unit had a pair of $ 190 Cycra Ultra handguards sold by Yamaha Parts & Accessories. As we did a lot of testing in wooded areas with lots of branches encroaching on the trail the hand guards did their job. Also, when I fell several times, the guards were beaten and survived, even though they looked a bit more tired. Still, it’s better than bending or breaking a lever. Hand guards are a personal thing, so I understand why they aren’t in stock on the WR250F. However, I consider them to be an essential accessory.

It’s interesting how much better suspension and handling can make a difference in driving skills. It can be easy to think that if you are not a high performance rider then premium suspension is a waste, it is not. Better equipment leads to better performance. In addition, the power delivered by the WR250F creates a lot of confidence, which encourages me to surpass myself, and one success leads to another. Although its large size challenges my crotch, the 2022 Yamaha WR250F remains my favorite trail bike as its capabilities expand my riding world.

Photograph by Don Williams


  • Helmet: Fly Racing Formula CC
  • Glasses: Fly Racing Focus
  • Pants, jersey + gloves: Fly Racing Women’s F16 Racewear
  • Protective vest: Alpinestars Stella Bionic Jacket 2
  • Hydration: Fly Racing XC30 Hydration Pack
  • Knee pads: Pod K4
  • Boots: Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro

Specifications Yamaha WR250F 2021


  • Type: single to four stroke
  • Displacement: 249cc
  • Bore x stroke: 77.0 x 53.6 mm
  • Compression ratio: 13.8: 1
  • Fuel supply: EFI with Keihin 44mm throttle body
  • Valve system: DOHC; four titanium valves
  • Transmission: 6 speed wide ratio
  • Clutch: Wet multiplate
  • Final drive: O-ring chain


  • Frame: aluminum with double spar
  • Front suspension; travel: fully adjustable KYB Speed-Sensitive System inverted fork; 12.2 inch
  • Rear suspension; Travel: fully adjustable KYB shock absorber assisted by linkage; 12.5 inch
  • Tires: Dunlop Geomax MX3S
  • Front tire: 80/100 x 21
  • Rear tire: 110/100 x 18
  • Front brake: 270 mm disc
  • Rear brake: 245 mm disc


  • Wheelbase: 58.3 inches
  • Rake: 27.2 degrees
  • Trail: 4.6 inches
  • Seat height: 37.6 inches
  • Ground clearance: 12.8 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 2.15 gallons
  • Wet weight: 255 pounds
  • Color: Team Yamaha Blue

Yamaha WR250F 2021 Price: $ 8,599 MSRP ($ 8,789 based on testing)

2021 Yamaha WR250F review images

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A pandemic plant craze has helped its pop-up become a permanent Long Beach store • the Hi-lo Sat, 04 Sep 2021 16:46:17 +0000

Now, the roaming factory business is establishing a foothold in Long Beach with the launch of its flagship store at SteelCraft Long Beach, which is slated to open today, September 4.

For Estrada, this new chapter in her business is simply surreal. For the past 18 years, Estrada has worked in clothing retail for a national children’s clothing line as a production manager.

The plants only appeared three years ago, when she visited a market in Venice and impulsively bought a Calathea, commonly known as a rattlesnake plant.

Taking care of potted flora sparked an unexpected passion for planting.

“It’s just pure stress, looking for something to decompress and have some other connection to things,” said Estrada, 42. “I realized it was so much fun.”

As her enthusiasm grew, she realized that plant selection, especially indoor varieties, at general retailers was scarce. So she started growing her own collection at home, purchasing seedlings and cuttings on Etsy.

“I tried to keep it all in a very small business,” she said.

Her talent for cultivation prompted her friends and family to entrust her with arrangements of small plants. In 2019, her friends encouraged her to start a pop-up at Abbot Kinney, a mile-long outdoor mall in Venice. Her modest position, she said, has met with great success.

But just as she was starting to build a following, COVID-19 came along and shut down the outdoor market.

“I was like, ‘Oh no, what am I going to do?'” She recalls. “But I realized that farmers’ markets were always open because they provided groceries and food for people.”

It moved to Cypress Farmers Market and eventually spread to other markets in Orange and Los Angeles counties, including a vacation market at SteelCraft Long Beach.

What Estrada couldn’t anticipate was the plant craze sparked by a pandemic, fueled by people trapped at home, looking for a connection to the outdoors and something to occupy their time.

“This [business] was booming and I was very surprised, ”she said.

Soon plants took up all his free time and living space. At the peak of her cultivation, Estrada said she takes care of nearly 100 plants taking up every inch of free space on her patio, bathroom and kitchenette.

“And my family was just like, ‘Oh my god there are plants everywhere,'” she said.

Terrasage Home sells a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Image courtesy of Jacqueline Estrada.

Eventually demand outstripped production and now she says she sources her plants from other suppliers in addition to home growing.

The pop-ups at SteelCraft led Estrada to the owners of Goods on Orange, a collective of stores where she currently rents space. But now Estrada will have her own space at SteelCraft.

Customers will find a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, succulents and cacti. With a focus on houseplants, Terrasage’s offerings are aimed more at hectic new plant owners looking for low-maintenance plants, such as peace lilies and potho varieties.

Prices range from $ 5 to $ 45, Estrada said. Potted plants around 6 to 7 inches apart typically cost $ 25 to $ 30. Larger potted plants, around 12 inches, cost $ 45.

A selection of cacti and succulents from Terrasage Home. Image courtesy of Jacqueline Estrada.

Terrasage will also sell home and garden items, including pots, macrame hangers, plant stands and small propagation stations. Estrada also offers small gifts and accessories such as jewelry, hair accessories, scarves, candles and decorative pillows that she sews by hand with recycled vintage fabric.

The first 100 customers to visit at Terrasage’s opening Saturday can also bring home a free branded organic tote.

Estrada said she intends to continue frequenting pop-ups and farmers markets once she finds her place in her new store and eventually hopes to make Terrasage Home her full-time business as she still working for the clothing retail company.

With all of her success, Estrada said she couldn’t have done it without her family, along with her three children, ages 22, 20 and 17, who have stepped up to help with social media, designing the brand and the heavy lifting.

Plants, too, are part of the family.

“They’re like a fourth child,” she said. “Some people have pets, I have children, but now it’s like the plants are just as alive.”

SteelCraft Long Beach is at 3768 Long Beach Blvd. The Terrasage Home store will be located in an ephemeral space facing the street at the corner of Long Beach Boulevard and East Bixby Road. The boutique will be open Thursday through Sunday from noon to 7 p.m. with extended hours in the fall.

Bluff Park Planted LB’s Plant Store features plants ‘you won’t find elsewhere’

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US Landscaping Product Markets, 2020-2020, 2021-2025 and 2030 – Thu, 02 Sep 2021 09:46:00 +0000

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – “United States Landscaping Products Market 2021-2030” report has been added to offer.

This study examines the US market for landscaping products, which are defined as durable goods used in landscaping activities.

In addition, retail sales are for the products are supplied. Consumables, equipment and furniture are excluded from the scope of this study, as are revenues from related services. Landscaping used to produce outdoor kitchens and on-site heating products is included. In the case of heating products, prefabricated units or kits are counted with the demand for heating products.

While exterior structures prefabricated or built on site from a kit are included in this study. Raised beds are included with the pots, planters and raised beds if they are sold ready to use or as a kit for DIY assembly. Raised beds made from separately purchased wood would be included in the landscaping product segment.

Historical data for 2010, 2015 and 2020 and forecast to 2025 and 2030 are provided for demand in current dollars (which are not adjusted for inflation).

Analysis of United States Landscaping Products Market is provided as a by-product:

  • Landscaping products

    • concrete pavers, slabs and planks

    • lumber (e.g. wood, plastic, composite)

    • blocks (for example, stone, concrete and glass)

    • ready concrete

    • tiles, slabs and stone veneers (natural and manufactured)

    • bricks

    • aggregates (e.g. sand, gravel, pebbles, crushed stone)

    • other landscaping products, such as stone blocks; porcelain tiles, other ceramics and glass tiles; metal and plastic edging; pavers of plastic or rubber; and fake plastic rocks

  • Exterior structures

    • sheds

    • hobby greenhouses

    • gazebos and pavilions

    • arches, arbors, trellises and pergolas

    • bridges and other structures (for example, obelisks, windmills, wishing wells)

  • Decorative landscaping products

    • aquatic features (e.g. fountains, ponds, waterfalls)

    • lawn ornaments

    • statuary

    • other exterior decoration (e.g., weathervanes, garden stakes, wind chimes, gazebo balls)

  • Pots, planters and raised beds (plastic, pottery or other materials such as concrete and fiberglass)

  • Landscape lighting

    • solar energy

    • low tension

    • line voltage and other lighting

  • Products for birds and wild animals

    • feeders

    • Houses

    • birdbaths and other products (for example, accessories, such as baffles, guards, racks, trays and pedestals)

  • Other landscaping products, including:

    • heating products

    • synthetic grass

    • fabrics and accessories

Demand is also segmented by market, including new, home improvement and repair applications:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Recreation and infrastructure (for example, parks, golf courses, playgrounds, roads)

  • Demand is also segmented by end user: professional and consumer / handyman.

  • Finally, the request is reviewed by the US region.

For more information on this report, visit

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Chapin announces new expansion in Kentucky Sat, 28 Aug 2021 21:05:00 +0000

Chapin International, Inc. announces continued growth with further expansion in Kentucky. Following the successful start-up of its Mount Vernon plant, due to the volume of business, it became immediately necessary to further expand operations in order to meet the continued demand for sprayers. The state of Kentucky has once again stepped up to help Chapin in his need for space and dedicated employees. This resulted in the purchase of the 1857 S. Danville Bypass, adding an additional 500,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. As a result, Chapin now has over 1.75 million square feet of production space in New York, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky combined. It will have over 600 US-based employees and will be twice the size of any US-based sprayer manufacturer and is well positioned to compete with off-shore sprayer manufacturers into the 2030s.

“As Covid continues to be a problem in the United States and around the world, the increased demand for sprayers continues and the need to control the spread is even more imperative. At the same time, people have had more opportunities to be home and are enjoying gardening and home improvement projects more than ever. At the start of the pandemic, Chapin was at his expected capacity. This was quickly overtaken by demand. With our recent expansion into Kentucky, we will now be able to produce over 12 million sprayers per year in the United States as long as the raw materials and labor are available, ”said Jim Campbell, president.

“While increasing capacity, Chapin also expanded its capabilities and automation. Some of the newer moulders are larger and will allow us to produce sprayers up to 100 gallons. Chapin will expand the product line for the homeowner, but also for light agricultural use, ”said Doug Platt, plant manager for Mount Vernon and the new Danville location. “The addition of five blow molding machines brings this facility to twelve. The molds vary in size, from the smallest being a five pound triple to the largest being a 40 pound double moulder. Most of these machines had been purchased from other companies. Previously equipped for automobile production, they will be rebuilt and put into service to manufacture sprayers.

“This new capability will bring Chapin’s capability up to par with the largest manufacturers in Europe, South America and Asia. Chapin became the leading manufacturer of sprayers in the United States. We continue to reduce the cost of products through mass production, which makes us a sure bet in the North American market. Whichever category Chapin falls into, the consumer wins, with higher quality and lower costs, ”said Bill Campbell, vice president of business development.

“When we first went to Kentucky and met Judge (Holbrook) and Jeff Van Hook, we told them that we prefer to plan cautiously and move forward as quickly as possible, the job target over. 10 years for every 100 new jobs in the first 5 years met less than 12 months after the initial meeting, ”said Jim Campbell.

The incentive program approved today in Kentucky provides additional tax breaks based on a new employment target of 300 people for the combined projects. Over the next 10 years, Chapin’s investment in Kentucky will exceed $ 16 million. In addition to the tax abatement for the city of Danville, Kentucky has been a great resource.

“The people of Rockcastle and Boyle counties are ready to work! Campbell attributes this to the state’s prudent economic policies and the exceptional work ethic of the people of Kentucky. That’s why business is booming in Kentucky and continues to hold pride of place nationwide. “We are delighted to be a part of the continued growth of business in Kentucky.”

Chapin International is based in Batavia, New York. The company is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high quality, industry leading compressed air sprayers for use in home, garden and commercial applications. Chapin also manufactures a full line of spreaders, irrigation products and attachments. Chapin was established in 1884. The company also operates through Chapin Custom Molding in Elyria, Ohio, and three other Chapin International operations in Coopersville, Michigan, Clarence, New York and Mount Vernon, Kentucky.

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