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WELCOME TO PRICE POINT, where we’re looking at two very different homes at roughly the same price. This month, we’re aiming for around $600,000. With that budget, would you choose the farmhouse in Woodstock or the mid-century modern style in South Tabor?

House 1: An updated farmhouse in Woodstock

Steps from restaurants, shops and new seasons on SE Woodstock Boulevard, this 1908 farmhouse has undergone a top-to-bottom renovation that combines key vintage details with strategic updates to the kitchen, bathrooms and mechanics. A significant addition, along with a skylight on the second floor, increased the square footage to a comfortable 1,730, so it now has three bedrooms and two bathrooms over two floors.

Beyond the newly expanded porch, the living areas meet front to back, with large picture windows complementing the preserved hardwood floors and an arched doorway connecting the living room and dining room.

The kitchen is a powerhouse, with its butcher’s island, vaulted ceiling with skylights, tile floors and quartz countertops, and white Shaker cabinetry perfectly suited to the farmhouse vibe. In the back, a small mudroom connects to the backyard, as well as the stairs to the finished basement.

The master bedroom is on the ground floor, opposite an equally beautiful bathroom, which syncs well with the kitchen, thanks to its tiles, wooden walls and skylight. Upstairs, find two more bedrooms flanking the updated bathroom. In addition to the aesthetic changes, there is all new electrics, plumbing and the roof.

If you are not cooking up a storm in this kitchen, there are a fantastic number of places to explore in the neighborhood, which has a Walk Score of 91.

List of fast facts

List of prices:$579,000
Location:5721 SE 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97206

Cut:1,730 square feet/3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms

Year of construction:1908
Listing agent:Tracy Wiens and Kristin Fitzgerald, John L. Scott NE Portland

House 2: Mid-Century Charm and Urban Farmhouse

This south Tabor ranch house was originally built in 1951, and there are many well-preserved details from that era to enjoy. For starters, the linear ground floor layout measures 1,100 square feet: the front door opens into the living room, complete with brick fireplace and two sets of corner windows.

Proceed to the dining room, with its own built-in sideboard, before connecting to the kitchen or a back hallway with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The kitchen and bathroom don’t look like they’ve been recently updated, but what’s not to love about the latter’s vintage pink and red tiling? The right lighting and accessories could spice things up considerably. And the kitchen is perfectly functional, with plenty of storage cabinets, new stainless steel appliances, and a separate dining area. Beyond the kitchen is a 327 square foot garage, which serves more utility and is a link to unexpected bonus spaces.

The first level is the lower level, which acts as a self-contained 794 square foot unit in its own right, with a kitchen, bathroom and separate entrance. The main draw, however, has to be the yard spaces, including an organic vegetable, herb, and flower garden in the front, and a custom chicken coop in the back. There is also an attached veranda/studio at the back of the garage, perfect for lingering by the woodstove and getting away from the world.

List of fast facts

List of prices:$625,000
Location:7320 SE Franklin St, Portland, OR 97206

Cut:2,081 square feet/3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms
Year of construction:1951
Listing Agent:William Jackson, John L. Scott NE Portland

Final remarks

Our picks may be in the same postcode, but the experiences they offer are quite different. The Woodstock Farm is more walkable, while the South Tabor Mansion offers larger grounds, with more to do, if gardening and raising chickens are your thing.

The extra living space in the basement of the South Tabor home is a godsend if you want to rent it out for extra income. But if the relations with the tenants are too important, the independent farm will be faster. The mid-century ground floor layout would also appeal to buyers looking to age in place.

There’s always the matter of aesthetic preferences: some buyers will swoon over the vintage pink and red tiles, while others want the latest finishes. Maybe it boils down to how you like to spend a Sunday afternoon: picking up produce at the seasonal Woodstock Farmers’ Market or tending to your own garden?

Melissa Dalton is a freelance writer who has focused on Pacific Northwest design and lifestyle since 2008. She is based in Portland, Oregon. Contact Dalton here.

Library Notes: Winners of RPL’s Summer Reading Prize Draw Announced – Salisbury Post Sat, 06 Aug 2022 04:05:13 +0000

Rowan Public Library

This year, Rowan Public Library’s Summer Reading Program offered an “ocean of opportunity” for participants to win prizes! Every year, chances to win a variety of big prizes are offered to readers who join in the summer reading fun. The prizes sponsored by the Friends of the RPL are distributed according to age groups. Children’s prices are divided into two categories: infant, toddler, preschool (0-5 years old) and school (6-10 years old). Teen prices are designated for grades six through 12e students (11-17 years old). The adult awards are designed for ages 18 and older, which includes 2022 recent high school graduates. The winners of the teen awards were announced at the Teen Summer Reading Finals and the National Teen Lock-In . The winners of the Children’s and Adults’ Summer Reading Awards were announced during the Children’s and Adults’ Summer Reading Finals, a pre-recorded video that was posted to the library’s Facebook page (@rowanpubliclibrary).

Children’s summer reading

Every child who read 20 Hours received free books and a chance to win a Super Reader Prize Bag filled with fun kid-friendly treats. One winning ticket for the Super Reader Prize Basket was drawn at each branch in the preschool and school categories. Super Reader Raffle winners at RPL HQ (Salisbury) are Colton W. and Ava W., RPL East (Rockwell) winners are Elyse L. and Elliot S, RPL South (China Grove) winners are Kathleen Y . and Oliver B ., the winners at RPL West (Cleveland) are Carolana M. and Carly S.

Summer reading for teens

Teens were invited to attend the Teen Summer Reading Finals and the National Teen Lock-In, which included a special after-hours experience at RPL’s head office (Salisbury). Teens enjoyed refreshments, games, crafts, virtual discussions with authors and the winners were announced. The five-hour prizes included a diamond painting kit, an ocean wave projector, a crystal reef growing kit and a $10 gift card to the South Main Book Company in Salisbury. The ten-hour prizes included a sea turtle float, an ocean zen garden, a jellyfish lamp and a $50 gift card to the South Main Book Company in Salisbury. Twenty-hour prizes included a Fitbit Inspire 2, a Kindle 10 with accessories and a $100 gift card to the South Main Book Company in Salisbury. The 5 Hour Prize winners are Alexandria A., Damon L., Jeremy K. and Kai M; the 10 hour winners are Arabella E., Deborah W., Isabella L. and Clara B; the 8 p.m. prize winners are Noor E., Betty K., and Bayley K. Teen prize winners have been contacted to collect their prizes.

Summer reading for adults

The summer readings for adults were a great success this year! The adult short story contest garnered a record 14 entries, all featuring “The Power of Possibilities”. After serious deliberation, the winner has been determined to be Charity B. She will receive a Friends of RPL tote bag containing an LGFCU portable cooler, a $10 Amazon gift card and a reusable Rocket notebook, which allows the user to upload his writings to the cloud, then wipe the pages.

The top five winners of the adult reading diary will receive an Amazon gift card ranging from $75 to $25. The top player logged 686 hours, second place logged 665, third place logged 442, fourth place logged 337, and fifth place logged 286 hours. The top 25 readers are eligible for goodie bags containing prizes from RPL Summer Reading sponsors, and all have already been contacted by phone and/or email with pick-up instructions.

Summer Reading attendees of all ages were invited to visit all RPL locations for a chance to win a pizza night. Customers who visited the four RPL branches with a pizza night raffle entry form received a stamp specific to that branch. Customers who returned their entry form with all location-specific stamps were entered for a chance to win Pizza Night. The library received 19 entries for the pizza night raffle and the winner is Cooper Z. Congratulations Cooper!

All Summer Reading 2022 prizes must be collected by September 1. Winners may call 980-432-8670 to arrange prize pickup. Rowan Public Library’s summer reading programs and events are sponsored by the Friends of Rowan Public Library. For more information on Friends of RPL, visit For more information on summer reading or future programs and events, visit or call 980-432-8670.

Lima Peru and Lake Titicaca: An Itinerary of Things to Do Wed, 03 Aug 2022 19:10:42 +0000

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist: Photos: Tessa Tran

Everyone knows this person who spends weeks sniffing travel blogs, diving deep into the terriers of Tripadvisor, collecting Google Docs from friends of friends, and creating A beautiful mind-style spreadsheets to find the best vacations and possible routes. In this recurring series, we track down the people who did all the hard work for you, and show them a particularly wonderful, particularly thoughtful vacation they took that you can actually fly.

When Tessa Tran, CEO of accessories line Chan Luu, and her husband started thinking about their first big post-COVID trip, they knew they wanted something new and unfamiliar. “We had never been to Peru,” Tran says, “let alone South America.” They decided to find out about the flights and booked their tickets only two weeks before the trip. “Peru has always been on my radar, especially its rich biodiversity, from the Andes to the Amazon rainforest to the coastal regions,” she says. While there were some must-do experiences for Tran, like visiting Lake Titicaca and exploring the food scene in Lima, they didn’t make any concrete plans before traveling. “Whenever I visit a new place, I like to stay there for at least three nights to experience the area,” says Tran. “I don’t like having a busy itinerary with plan after plan. I like to walk around and see where the day takes me. The only caveat to spending a week at 12,500 feet above sea level? “Altitude sickness is a real thing.” Here, Tran shares her favorite local craft markets, morning tennis spots and the Andean chowder she now recreates at home.

We landed in Peru at 4am – the flights weren’t the most convenient. We ended up booking a flight from LA to Dallas and then Dallas to Lima. (There are direct flights via Latam Airlines, though.) We arrived at Hotel B (Jiron Saenz Pena 204) and were greeted with a glass of champagne (followed by a pisco sour), which was the first and last drink we ever had. The hotel is located in the Barranco district, right on the waterfront. When we got to the room, I noticed the circular bath mats with a delicate crochet border. The next day I asked the hotel to help me find a dozen more to take home.

Hotel B

We slept almost until our 11:30 reservation at Kjolle (A V. Stone of Osma 301). After booking our flights, I did a quick search for spots in Lima. I landed on this New York Time article featuring chef Virgilio Martinez and sought a reservation at his restaurant. Predictably, nothing was available at Central, but I landed the last reservation at its sister restaurant, Kjolle, one floor above Central. I think the most memorable part was seeing Virgilio’s Dried Herb Botanical Garden. The food and service were excellent and the cooking was thoughtful and creative; I also treated myself to red wine before noon. As we were leaving, we bumped into the chef. He caught me pointing at it (as I was trying to show it to my husband), smiled at me, and came over to chat.

It was probably a highlight of our visit to Lima. Larco Museum (A V. Simon Bolivar 1515) features pre-Columbian art in an 18th-century royal building. The storage room contains thousands of ancient pottery items and is open to the public. The erotic gallery was a surprising element and not to be missed. The museum also has a lovely cafe in the garden, where we shared a snack and an espresso.

Every morning we cycled along the Miraflores bike path. December is summer in Peru so it was 75 degrees and sunny. We passed clay tennis courts set on a cliff with stunning views of the coastline. Once we found these courts, we knew what our plans would be every morning in Lima. We felt like we were playing Roland Garros.

Wherever we travel, I always seek out local markets, whether it’s food or crafts. Surquillo Market (Lizardo Montero 705) offers so many amazing fruits grown in the Amazon. I tried snake fruit (salak) for the first time – the skin looks and feels like real snake skin. And I was obsessed with purple corn. It contains twice as many antioxidants as blueberries. Peruvians infuse corn and prepare a traditional drink called chicha morada. After Mercado de Surquillo, we stopped at a fish market near Playa Pescadores. Peru is the homeland of ceviche!

Chifa is a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine, brought to Peru by Chinese immigrants. I didn’t know what Chifa was until I arrived in Peru. You will find in many restaurants, fine dining and casual, there will be ceviche and chow mein on the same menu. With Astrid and Gaston (A V. Paz Soldan 290)​​, we tried a guinea pig bao recommended by the chef. The guinea pig, a delicacy from Peru, was served with a Chinese twist.

We were walking around the city without any plan. We walked around the San Isidro neighborhood and my husband found a cool liquor store to buy a bottle of pisco to take home. The pisco sour is the drink of choice in Peru; it reminds me of a high end margarita. From there we walked past a hair salon and I had my hair washed and dried for 40 soles, or about $11. Then we came across Bosque El Olivar, a beautiful park with hundreds of olive trees, in the middle of San Isidro.

We headed to Canta Rana (Genoa 101), which is within walking distance of Hotel B. This family run restaurant serves classic Peruvian dishes, the freshest and simplest ceviche and the best beans soaked in oil and served hot. I always try to recreate this snack. This was probably my favorite meal and ambiance in Lima. Two blocks down we entered a bodega called Delifrance (A V. Sta. Cross 982). The small shop sells homemade pasta, foie gras, grilled vegetables, tuna swimming in olive oil and imported cheeses. If we were staying at an Airbnb, this market would be a good option to mix things up.

We flew direct from Lima to Puno. From the airport, Hotel Titilaka was about a two hour drive. I asked our driver (booked by the hotel) if he knew of any local craft markets on the way. He took us to a market selling crafts and produce. I picked up two alpaca knits, slippers, a hand-embroidered jacket, antique silver wedding pins made from spoons, and some knit llama ornaments for my nephew.

As the hotel checked us in, we walked around the property. The hotel is located on a secluded private peninsula on the lake. The next nearby town is an hour’s drive away. This place has it all: wide open fields, water, farmland and the most magical sunsets.

Coca leaves are sacred to the Inca culture and treated like gold. We had tea several times a day to help with the altitude. Lake Titicaca is 12,500 feet above sea level – higher than Machu Picchu, which is around 7,900 feet. Throughout the day we drank lots of water, coca tea and muña (Andean mint) tea, as well as getting a breath of fresh air here and there. Dealing with the altitude was a small price to pay to experience Lake Titicaca.

The hotel has organized a pom pom making lesson with local artisans who stop by once a week to deliver locally made textiles and ceramics. I learned how to create traditional pompoms, made from plant-dyed alpaca wool. While sitting with the artisans, we learned that the placement of their hat signifies their marital status. If it’s on top of the head, it means the woman is married. If the hat is on the side, it means she is single or widowed. Before they left, we bought some textiles and a ceramic bread basket (which was used in the restaurant), all made in their village a few kilometers away.

I found myself ordering the Andean chowder five times out of the four days I was at Lake Titicaca. It is made with quinoa and lima beans, two staple ingredients from Peru and grown on the property. I liked it so much that the chef invited me to cook with him to prepare the dinner service. I learned how to make Andean chowder and quinoa salad, which I often make at home now. My husband caught me adding notes in the dining room after class. While the food was amazing and over the top in Lima, I much preferred the food near the lake. It’s rustic and simple.

On one of our last days, the hotel organized a boat trip to Taquile Island, located on the Bolivian side of the lake. The island is home to traditional weavers. Clothes in Peru are so refreshing. The women wore bright color combinations that I would never have thought of.

Disposable tea bags for loose tea
Very good deal

I dehydrate my own herbs and flowers to make tea on the go. I make tea bags to sip on the plane or in my hotel room early in the morning or late at night.

Biological Research Cream Pigm 400

I try to avoid packing too many beauty products. I love this morning and evening cream; it gives you that glow. No need to apply makeup afterwards.

Castañer 10mm Jean Canvas Espadrilles

Walking shoes can be ugly and sometimes you don’t want to wear sneakers or open-toed sandals. They are easy to dress or dress up and have been around the world with me.

Chan Luu 100% cashmere scarf

I take it everywhere. It’s lightweight cashmere and perfect for the plane or as a luxury layer.

The strategist is designed to surface the most useful expert recommendations on things to buy in the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best acne treatments, rolling luggage, pillows for side sleepers, natural remedies for anxietyand bath towels. We update links when possible, but note that offers may expire and all prices are subject to change.

💰Tax holiday starts soon + Jack Frost Donuts at West Side Market Tue, 02 Aug 2022 03:43:00 +0000

The Browns got some big news on Monday, but the story is far from over. We have paperback news for back to school and donut news for Jack Frost lovers to launch on Tuesday.

  • Our tax holiday starts Friday 💰
  • West Side Market has a new treat 🍩
  • Icon Diana Ross is coming soon 🎤

Plus, it’s a big week around Cleveland if you like piano. 🎹

🌤 Partly sunny. High: 76, Low: 69

What the weekend tax holiday means to you

1) Ohio sales tax exemption begins Friday, August 5 and ends Sunday, August 7. Clothing that costs $75 or less per item and school supplies that cost $20 per item or less will be exempt from state and local taxes. The tax exemption does not apply to sports equipment or clothing accessories.

More information is available from the Ohio Department of Taxation

(Photo courtesy of Jack Frost Donuts)

2) Two iconic Cleveland names have come together as Jack Frost Donuts opens a small shop at the West Side Market. Jack Frost Donuts was founded in 1937 and the West Side Market is over a century old. The market shop, which opened on Saturday July 30, offers a full range of delicious donuts.

Cleveland scene

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson stretches during training camp, Monday, August 1. (AP Photo/Nick Cammett)

3) The NFL may decide on Tuesday whether to appeal the six-game sexual misconduct suspension handed down to Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson on Monday by an Independent Disciplinary Officer. Commissioner Roger Goodell could impose a harsher penalty. Two dozen massage therapists have accused Watson of unwanted sexual touching.

  • Retired federal judge Sue L. Robinson was the hearing officer. In her decision, she wrote: “Given that none of these therapists accepted Mr. Watson’s invitations to participate in further therapy sessions, I find there is sufficient evidence to show that Mr. Watson knew, or should have known, that any contact between his penis and these therapists was unwanted. I therefore conclude that the NFL has met its burden of proving, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Mr. Watson engaged in sexual assault (as defined by the NFL) against the four therapists identified in the Report.” (Fox 8 News)
  • Fan reaction is mixed. Robyn Lockner of the Cleveland Browns Women’s Facebook group said: “I didn’t believe all of the women who made these accusations against him, I think four were maybe credible in my opinion after reading all the depositions and everything that was going on on both sides.” (3NewsWKYC)
  • Victims of sexual assault say the punishment didn’t go far enough. The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center released a statement: “The six-game suspension imposed dangerously reflects the flaws in our criminal justice systems and sends a grave message to our communities. Too often, people in positions of power and celebrities who commit violence against others are not held accountable for their actions. These continuing headlines trigger for so many. To the survivors, we say we see you and we believe you. (

The hearing officer also ruled that Watson must obtain all future therapeutic massages through the team. (It’s unclear whether coach Kevin Stefanski or general manager Andrew Berry will run them.)

Read the full 16-page ruling via Fox 8 News

4) Motown legend Diana Ross will perform at Northfield Park on September 6th and tickets go on sale Friday August 5th on Ticketmaster. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Supremes in 1988. Yet she has continued to perform and record albums to this day.

5) The Sixth City Comedy Festival returns to Cleveland for the second year this month, August 10-13. Comedians will perform at several locations: Bop Stop, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Hatfield’s Goode Grub, Hi and Dry, Lakewood Village Tavern and Market Avenue Wine Bar. Founded by Marla Massie, the comedy festival is an antidote to the effect of the pandemic on the city.

5 titles you must see

  • Police chase leads to crash, closing I-480 ramps Monday night: Parma police (Fox 8 News)
  • OSHA hits Dollar Tree with a $1.2 million fine for violations in Maple Heights, Columbus (
  • Opening of a new Stretch Lab in Rocky River (
  • 2 young men dead, teen injured in Strongsville crash (
  • City of Cleveland attorneys say consent decree oversight team wrong to challenge umpire’s decision to fire cop (

1 fun thing to do if you love piano music

The Concert Truck is coming to multiple locations around Cleveland this week for free performances. The Concert Truck is a mobile concert hall that makes live music accessible to everyone by transforming a 16-foot box truck into a state-of-the-art concert hall, complete with lighting, sound system and piano.

  • Tuesday, August 2, from noon to 2 p.m. at Cleveland Public Square
  • Tuesday, August 2, 6-8 p.m., Julia de Burgos, 2800 Archwood Ave., Cleveland
  • Wednesday, August 3, 6 p.m., Wednesday Wade Oval, 10820 East Blvd., Cleveland
  • Thursday, August 4, 1 p.m., Cleveland Public Library Rice Branch, 11535 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland
  • Friday, August 5, 1 to 3 p.m., Edgewater Beach
  • Friday, August 5, 6 p.m., Waterloo Arts, 15509 Waterloo Road, Cleveland
  • Saturday, August 6, noon to 2 p.m., Cleveland Public Library Carnegie West, 1900 Fulton Road, Cleveland
  • Saturday, August 6, 6-8 p.m. Asian Lantern Festival at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

The Concert Truck shows are part of a larger series of shows called Piano Days @CLE, which runs until August 14.

Learn more about Cleveland Piano

7 more things to do

  • Sad Summer Festival, Cleveland, August 2 | Details
  • Women’s March Cleveland Rally Outside County Council Meeting, August 2 | Details
  • Guardians vs Arizona Diamondbacks at Progressive Field, August 3 (Guardians Cap Day) | Details
  • ‘Sondheim on Sondheim’, stage at Alma Theater in Cain Park, Cleveland Heights, August 4-14 | Details
  • Kid Rock and Foreigner, Blossom Music Center, Friday, August 5, 7 p.m. | Details
  • Summer Concert Fundraiser for CITY DOGS Cleveland!, Saturday, August 6, 4-8 p.m. | Details
  • Taco and Tequila Stroll in Willoughby, Saturday, August 6, 1 to 5 p.m. | Details

Find more things to do on our calendar | Add your event

Cleveland Chatter

Nina (Photo courtesy of Cleveland Animal Welfare League)
  • “Day tripper NINA joined me for happy hour and she had her own fun way to enjoy it! HAPPY HOUR According to Nina STRETCH Relax STRETCH Ahhhhh!” (Cleveland Animal Protection League via Facebook)
  • On the one hand…”Cleveland Browns LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah did not change his number out of RESPECT for Baker Mayfield 6⃣” (Heavy on Browns via Facebook)
  • On the other hand… “The attitude in the Browns locker room has changed dramatically with the departure of Baker Mayfield. 👀 #DawgPound #Browns” (Heavy on Browns via Facebook)
  • At the West Side Market: “Our happy place is somewhere between these two baskets 🧺 🥖. Find breads as good as they look at Mediterra Bakehouse!” (West Side Market via Facebook)
  • “The County Fair is back at Berea Fairgrounds August 9-14! 🎪 Want free tickets to take your family to a fun and fair meal? Comment on this post and you’ll be entered into a raffle for receive up to 5 tickets for admission.” (Cuyahoga County via Facebook)
  • At the Cleveland Botanical Garden: “Join us this Thursday, August 4, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for Stories in the Sky! Learn about the lions, swans and bears of the night sky through storytelling! Designed for kids of all ages (even the adults).” (Cleveland Botanical Garden via Facebook)

More from our sponsors – please support the local news!


  • Sad Summer Festival – Cleveland (August 2)
  • All Faith’s Pantry 4th Annual Music Feeds People: Blues Edition Fundraiser (August 6)
  • 2022 Second Row Parade and Sneaker Ball (August 6)
  • The Sammy Deleon and Jackie Warren Quartet (August 7)
  • Add your event

Recent Real Estate Listings in Greater Cleveland

Search newly listed homes, open houses and foreclosures.

How to Clean Your Garden Paving and Maintenance Tips Sat, 30 Jul 2022 12:27:33 +0000

As we spend more time in our gardens during the warmer months, one area that may need some TLC is our paving. If you want your pavers to look like they were installed or to refresh badly worn slabs or paving blocks, here’s how to keep your paving looking like new this summer.

1. Keep them well cared for

              “Investing in a good broom will allow you to easily brush dirt and debris from your pavers and accessories, such as pavers. This action should be done daily and will prevent the accumulation of dust, soil, leaves and other debris, and will further prevent seed germination,” says Nicole France of the UK-based paver retailer, Infinite Tessellation. “Preventing seed germination is key to keeping your pavers looking their best, as not only can weed growth be ugly, but plants can grow into all the little cracks, further breaking up the stones.

              2. Weed frequently

              Since weeds can sprout between the joints of your paving and some stones can even be affected by algae or moss when they have not been cleaned for a while, regularly weeding your pavers is an excellent way to avoid this.

              You can remove most weeds by hand or with a weeding tool, which is a quick and inexpensive option. Or if they prove more problematic, you can introduce a chemical weedkiller. But, as always, be sure to only spray it on weeds so you don’t damage your garden or surrounding plants.

              pixelsteveGetty Images

              3. Make your own cleaning solution

              Something as simple as soapy water or a soap-based cleaner designed for floors can instantly revitalize pavers. White vinegar, which you probably have in your kitchen cupboard, makes an ideal cleaning solution when mixed with water.

              But, keep in mind that darker vinegar can stain pavers such as marble, limestone, or other natural stones. Be sure to use the most suitable solution for your paving before use.

              “Whatever method you choose (soap or vinegar), then scrub gently with a bristle brush or broom,” says Nicole. “This will remove dirt and grime from crevices and hard-to-reach areas.”

              Pressure washing is another quick and effective way to clean pavers, although it is slightly more expensive in terms of initial costs. You can buy a range of pressure washers on Amazon.

              using a pressure washer to clean natural stone paving in a garden

              Nicolas MurallGetty Images

              4. Do some damage control

              “Over time, patio tiles can come loose, break or crack due to environmental impact or accidents,” says Nicole. “While you may not want to replace them, this is essential to restoring their former glory and safety, as individuals (especially children) can trip over rogue stones and injure themselves.

              “A broken unit can also collect debris, dirt or standing water, which can pose a threat to your pet or attract mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites and other pests. Replacing a stone takes an average of two hours, so although it’s a chore, it’s a vital step in keeping your stones looking their best.

              You can either replace the paving yourself or hire a professional. Using the right tools, like a chisel or hammer, should help you avoid damaging the surrounding area or injuring yourself. And be sure to invest in quality replacement stones to increase the longevity of your paving for the future.

              how to keep your garden paving looking like new

              AlphotographicGetty Images

              5. Seal your stones

              Sealing your pavers is a great way to maintain them. As a general rule, you should reseal your stones every one to two years, especially ones that are heavily trafficked, such as on a patio or driveway.

              This should make them easier to clean, as they should only require a quick rinse from a garden hose, while still protecting them from the elements. A top coat of sealer can also give them a nice shine.

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              ]]> LightInTheBox (NYSE:LITB) vs. Lulu’s Fashion Lounge (NASDAQ:LVLU) Head to Head Contrast Fri, 29 Jul 2022 05:24:58 +0000

              LightInTheBox (NYSE:LITB – Get Rating) and Lulu’s Fashion Lounge (NASDAQ:LVLU – Get Rating) are both small-cap IT and technology companies, but which is the best investment? We’ll compare the two companies based on the strength of their profitability, dividends, institutional ownership, earnings, analyst recommendations, valuation and risk.

              Benefits and evaluation

              This table compares the gross revenue, earnings per share, and valuation of LightInTheBox and Lulu’s Fashion Lounge.

              Gross revenue Price/sales ratio Net revenue Earnings per share Price/earnings ratio
              Light in the box $446.10 million 0.29 $13.13 million $0.05 22.60
              Lulu’s Fashion Salon $375.63 million 0.61 $2.05 million N / A N / A

              LightInTheBox has higher revenue and profit than Lulu’s Fashion Lounge.


              This table compares the net margins, return on equity and return on assets of LightInTheBox and Lulu’s Fashion Lounge.

              Net margins Return on equity return on assets
              Light in the box 1.47% 10.57% 3.60%
              Lulu’s Fashion Salon N / A -237.69% 91.81%

              Insider and Institutional Ownership

              54.3% of LightInTheBox shares are held by institutional investors. Comparatively, 51.3% of Lulu’s Fashion Lounge shares are held by institutional investors. 62.2% of LightInTheBox shares are held by insiders. Strong institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments, and large fund managers believe a stock will outperform the market over the long term.

              Analyst Recommendations

              This is a breakdown of the current ratings and price targets for LightInTheBox and Lulu’s Fashion Lounge, as reported by MarketBeat.

              Sales Ratings Hold odds Buy reviews Strong buy odds Rating
              Light in the box 0 0 0 0 N / A
              Lulu’s Fashion Salon 0 2 6 0 2.75

              Lulu’s Fashion Lounge has a consensus price target of $17.78, suggesting a potential upside of 201.32%. Considering the higher possible upside of Lulu’s Fashion Lounge, analysts clearly believe that Lulu’s Fashion Lounge is more favorable than LightInTheBox.


              LightInTheBox beats Lulu’s Fashion Lounge on 6 out of 10 factors compared between the two stocks.

              About LightInTheBox

              (Get a rating)

              LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd. operates as a cross-border e-commerce platform that delivers products directly to its customers worldwide. The company offers personalized clothing, for special occasions and fast fashion; and other general merchandise products, such as accessories and gadgets, garden products, toys and hobbies, electronics and communication devices and other products. It also offers supplier chain management, research and development, customer service, marketing, administrative and general support, logistics, warehouse management and local delivery, as well as procurement. in products, marketing and operation of its websites and mobile applications. The Company offers its products through,, and other websites and mobile applications, which are available in 25 languages ​​and cover approximately 140 countries and regions. LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

              About Lulu’s Fashion Salon

              (Get a rating)

              Lulu's fashion salon logoLulu’s Fashion Lounge Holdings, Inc. is an online retailer of women’s clothing, footwear and accessories. The company offers dresses, tops, bottoms, bridal wear, underwear, swimwear, shoes and accessories under the Lulus brand. It sells its products through owned media, which primarily consists of its website, mobile app, social media platforms, email and SMS; and earned and paid media, as well as social media platforms. The company primarily serves Millennials and Gen Z women. Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Holdings, Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Chico, California.

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              Best Leaving Gifts for Coworkers 2022 Wed, 27 Jul 2022 13:12:58 +0000

              When a co-worker leaves your workplace, it’s good practice to throw a small party in their honor.

              They may change jobs, retrain, or retire from the game altogether, but the time you spent together walking on the same office carpet for about eight hours a day means you’ve forged a bond like no other.

              It could be your work BFF (sob, end of an era) or someone you enjoyed dissecting office politics with; wherever they go next, you’ll want to give them something to remember you by.

              If you’re in charge of the card and the collection, it’s up to you to sort out the leaving gift, and even if you know your work colleague well, imagine the perfect gift (it’s within budget) may leave you confused.

              But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve found the best goodbye gifts to give them, whether it’s to enjoy at home or new accessories for their next workplace.

              All that remains is to sort out the starting drinks.

              See our favorite ideas below

              Fortnum & Mason Tea Time Set


              Give them a job well done and a loving farewell with a sumptuous gift box filled with F&M’s favorite afternoon treats. Packaged in the store’s distinctive teal box, this set contains everything they need for a luxury brew; Royal Blend Tea, Summer Glory Preserve – delicious on toast, scones or crumpets and a box of all butter Piccadilly Chocolate Pearl Cookies. It is bound to impress.

              Tower T17023 Air Fryer Oven


              If you’re looking for a gift that isn’t a bouquet of flowers or a gift card, welcome to the leftmost option on our list.

              The Tower Air Fryer could be the perfect starter gift for someone who will be freelancing from home or starting their own business. It uses Vortx technology to cook snacks and meals in the 2.2L basket with up to 99% less fat. The little machine won’t take up much space on counters and it comes with a host of pre-loaded cooking options to get them started right out of the box. Comes with a three year warranty.

              Find more air fryers here.

              Beer Hawk 10th Anniversary Discovery Box

              beer hawk

              For the starter who loves their hops, send them on their way with a bumper beer can under their arm. This hamper is to celebrate Beer Hawk’s 10th anniversary and contains a mix of beers from British, Norwegian and South African makers, plus a Beer Hawk branded glass so they can serve in style. On sale from 30€.

              Suzie Bidlake Tiffin Box

              Suzie Bidlake

              If you like the idea of ​​having lunch with an exotic fanfare, let yourself be transported for an hour thanks to this stainless steel tiffin lunch box, hand-painted by artisans in Maharashtra, India.

              Besides going to the office, it’s also an easy picnic option, keeping all courses divided until mealtime.

              TASSIMO Coffee Machine by Bosch Style TAS1102GB – Black


              You can no longer make rounds of tea or coffee for each other, but you can treat yourself to a last good cup of tea thanks to Currys. The electrical retailer is offering this Tassimo coffee machine in a range of colors for just £29. It uses Intellibrew technology to ensure that every sip is the perfect blend of aroma and taste. Plus, they can choose from over 50 varieties of coffee discs and hot drinks to change up their new morning routine. Available in different colors.

              Rick Rack Monogram Paper Note Cards


              There’s nothing like a new set of stationery to brighten up their next office and make a splash at their new job. Send them your best wishes via Paper, which offers a range of excellent letter writing sets and note cards in chic designs, all with the option of personalisation. Add their initials or name before clicking the payment button. This set comes in three color options and also comes with a set of envelopes.

              25 for a set of 10.

              Cath Kidston Summer Birds Garden Trowel and Fork Set

              Cath Kidston

              Whether retirement is approaching or they’re spending time playing with their green thumbs before heading out to their next gig, gardening fans will appreciate a cool new kit to help their cuttings grow. Cath Kidston’s fork and trowel set features a lovely Summer Birds design with natural ash handles and hanging hoops, all packaged in a gift box, ready to hand out.

              Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Tangerine Travel Candle

              Jo Malone

              Rare is the beauty lover who doesn’t squeal with delight at one of Jo Malone’s signature cream and black boxes. While many fragrance house best-sellers command high prices, this candle in one of its most popular scents costs £25, making it perfect to hand out to the colleague who lights your 9-5.

              The 60g travel size is also available in Peony and Blue Suede, Pomegranate Noir and English Pear and Freesia scents, while standard 200g candles cost £50.

              Sony MDR-ZX110AP On-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote, Black


              A great pair of headphones is a universally appreciated gift, and this pair from Sony is one of the best budget buys in the game. pause and play without reaching for your phone. There’s also a mic to make work or private calls a breeze.

              Find more headphones here.

              Dishoom Gift Coins


              For the one you’ve always had lunch with, treat them to a good meal at Dishoom with the legendary Indian restaurant’s gift certificates. They come in the form of special coins, each worth £10, which is enough to cover most breakfast or lunch options.

              Firebox Custom Air Fresheners


              If you’re looking for a personal gift that won’t break the bank, Firebox is full of original ideas at affordable prices. It makes goofy gifts best (which also work well for fun Secret Santa gifts) like this car air freshener you can have printed with your face – or their office nemesis – for a prank that’ll tickle both of you. .

              Traitor Loco Lemon Mug

              lemon locomotive

              Bring a smug smile to their face with the gift of this mug that explains how you really feel. The ceramic mug is dishwasher safe and at this price would pair perfectly with a can of their favorite tea.

              How to decorate the house with polka dots Mon, 25 Jul 2022 21:27:00 +0000

              Start simple when decorating with polka dots by adding some to your porch, as suggested by The Sits Girls. According to bloggers, you can create polka dot party lights with a simple DIY project. Grab ping pong or styrofoam balls, battery-powered fairy lights, a knife, and oil-based pens. Take the knife to make holes in the ping pong balls and place the pointed part of the individual string lights inside each of the balls. Next, add a pattern to the ping pong balls by drawing colored dots with the oil-based pens. Once the ink is dry, hang the lights around the porch along a canopy.

              For those who would like to create another outdoor decor, there are tons of other DIYs to try. For example, you can try making wooden monogram letters by going to a craft or hobby store with ready-made wooden letters (via The Crafty Blog Stalker). Use paint to cover the entire letter and use a contrasting color to paint polka dots on the letters. Choose letters that spell a short word or the first letter of each family member’s name. You can also introduce a touch of pea by adding speckled planters to your porch. Find ceramic pots at a hobby or garden store and paint polka dots to display along the porch ledges. Or, if you don’t want to DIY, keep it simple by buying polka dot cushions to put on outdoor furniture for added comfort and relaxation.

              20 products that will transform your garden into a tropical paradise Sat, 23 Jul 2022 19:45:25 +0000

              When you can’t afford to take a vacation (or miss work), the best thing to do is stay or spend time in a small place at home dedicated entirely to rest and relaxation. And there’s no better place to “get away” than your own backyard, especially with the right decor and accessories in place. It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think to turn your backyard into a tropical paradise; you just have to get off the beaten track a bit. If you close your eyes while lounging in the perfect garden lounger under the perfect parasol, you might feel like you’ve been whisked away to the beach oasis of your dreams.

              Instead of wasting money on plane tickets and spending an entire day of your vacation waiting for transportation, get straight to your summer fun by logging out of your computer, silencing calls, and stepping outside. right in your own backyard. I’ve helped take the guesswork out of building your own backyard oasis with this roundup of 20 items from Amazon that will completely transform your backyard space into a tropical paradise. From bar carts to sunscreen stations to palm trees, here are some ideas to get you started.

              At Elite Daily, we only include products that have been independently selected by our editors. We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


              Get a mesh gazebo to stay cool

              Although a canopy gazebo is an investment, this pop-up gazebo with over 5,000 rave reviews on Amazon is well worth it and will last you for years. A gazebo helps ensure that you and anyone you invite can enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible. Not only can you enjoy much-needed shade when the sun is beating down, but it also comes with a mosquito net for those evenings.


              Fake tropical plants will make you feel like you’re on an island

              A real palm tree may be harder to come by, but these faux bird of paradise plants are the best for giving the illusion of a tropical paradise wherever you are. Some of the over 2,000 rave reviews have called it the most lifelike artificial plant they have ever owned.


              Keep the party going with patio string lights

              Don’t let the party end just because the sun goes down. Throw in weatherproof outdoor string lights and turn your garden into the ~ambience~ of your dreams. Boasting over 8,000 five-star reviews, these LED patio string lights are also eco-friendly and energy efficient.


              Add comfortable furniture that looks more expensive than it is

              Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. Case in point: This cute and comfy set from Amazon is quite affordable and comes with four pieces. Plus, reviewers say it’s worth it. One of over 3,000 five-star reviewers said, “Looks great, feels solid, and for the price, I’m very pleased.”


              Set the scene with this palm tree rug

              If you don’t want to spend most of your budget on plants, create the illusion of them with this colorful tropical palm leaf rug. You can relax in comfort without having to worry about stepping on hot concrete and it’s the perfect background for your Instagram snaps of your ice cold drink.


              Relax in a chair by the pool – even if you don’t have a pool

              You can go sunbathe anytime, even if you don’t have a pool. Just be sure to stock up on SPF and pick one of these adjustable, reclining chairs with over 3,700 five-star reviews.


              Get a cooler that doubles as a table

              Once you’re soaking up the sun in your outdoor oasis, you don’t want to run around the house for a drink. Keep your beverage supply stocked and cold with this cart cooler that functions as a table when closed and has extra storage space underneath to stack koozies, mugs, or whatever else you need. Over 19,000 reviewers agree you can’t make it summer without it.


              Keep the insects away with these pretty citronella candles

              These citronella candles not only look AF chic with their tropical blue design, but they also ward off pesky bugs like moths and mosquitoes. This way, you can enjoy your tropical paradise without having to deal with tropical insect bites.

              You know how those fancy beach resorts always have unlimited tubs of sunscreen? Why not create your own little ‘fun in the sun’ station and decorate it with big bottles of sunscreen, some cheap sunglasses for your friends and maybe even flip flops for your guests.


              Grab an outdoor bar cart that doubles as decoration

              This bar cart with over 2,000 rave reviews features a rustic chic design and you can roll it right next to your chair for easy access to refills, towels, water bottles or even a place to store your books and magazines .

              If you’re in an apartment or other small space that doesn’t have much greenery, pretend until you do with this astroturf rug. You won’t have to water it down and it will always look fresh. Roll your lounge chair on it and you will certainly feel like you are relaxing in a lush garden. Over 600 reviewers agree it’s a must-have for your outdoor space.

              You don’t go to the beach without an umbrella, so why are you heading to your backyard oasis without an umbrella? There are so many sturdy, weatherproof, adjustable options on the market these days, like this one with over 7,000 rave reviews on Amazon.


              Add some green and privacy with an ivy screen

              You don’t want to stare at your neighbors every time you go out, so make things cute and private with this ivy screen that will keep enemies and neighbors from judging you when you’re literally doing nothing at 2 p.m. on a Thursday.


              Make your space luxurious with hanging plants

              If there are empty plots around your garden that just need a little something, get these faux hanging plants that come in a set of three. They are perfect for empty corners, empty walls or even for hanging on the sides of furniture.


              Create unlimited seating with outdoor floor cushions

              These black and white striped floor cushions are so cute and allow you to invite an unlimited number of guests to your backyard oasis. Don’t go crazy over the furniture, just grab a few extra floor pillows for those times when the party unexpectedly swells.


              Make sure your pup is having fun with an outdoor dog bed

              Your dog also loves being outdoors, so why not give him his own doggy corner in your garden paradise? Set up a small water bowl next to this bed with over 58,000 rave reviews, and your pup will never want to leave you.


              Add fun with outdoor games

              Remember when I said you should disconnect when enjoying your outdoor oasis? Keep the fun alive by adding a corn hole game to the space. This corn hole set with over 14,000 five-star reviews stacks easily when not in use and comes with everything you need to get the party started without being on your phone.


              Stay cool with an outdoor “fountain”

              Okay, sure, this is listed as a dog pool, but if you squint, it can also be your own personal outdoor fountain for under $30. Besides, who said you couldn’t walk there several times when you needed to cool off in the blink of an eye?


              Light up your night with light curtains

              If you have a gazebo or just want to brighten up an empty wall or fence, place this curtain of lights wherever you want and you’ll forget you’re in your garden. Upstate New York is starting to look a lot more like Mexico, isn’t it?


              Make skewers in a snap with this mini grill

              An outdoor grill doesn’t have to be big, bulky, and intimidating. This little grill with over 15,000 five-star reviews gets the job done and makes you feel luxurious at the same time. Effortlessly roast vegetable skewers or hot dogs for yourself or your guests.

              Jeremy Bassan Joins the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden Board of Directors | Homes and lifestyle Thu, 21 Jul 2022 23:21:00 +0000 Posted on July 21, 2022
              | 4:21 p.m.

              Jeremy Bassan

              The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden has named Jeremy Bassan to its board of directors. He joins the 14-member board consisting of Valerie Hoffman, president; John Gabbert, vice-president; Kathy Scroggs, secretary; Mark Funk, Treasurer; and board members Sarah Berkus Gower, Sharon Bradford, Samantha Davis, George Leis, William Murdoch, Helene Schneider, Warren Schultheis, Jesse Smith and Ann Steinmetz.

              “My wife Manuela and I are committed to the local community and support everything that makes this place a wonderful place to live,” Bassan said. “The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden is a haven for nature lovers and an organization dedicated to the conservation of native plants.”

              Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Bassan grew up hiking the local hills, investigating tidal pools and exploring the environment.

              After graduating from Santa Barbara High School, he took a year off and traveled the world. While in Xi’an, China, he met a local family making silk bags from home. He began importing these bags and selling them to independent retailers, which led to the creation of Big Buddha. The company has become a leading brand of fashion-forward handbags, accessories and footwear sold in thousands of national and international stores.

              In 2010 Big Buddha was acquired by Steve Madden Ltd. and Bassan moved to New York with his team and continued to grow the business until 2013. He moved back to Santa Barbara where he owns a real estate investment and development company.

              He has been involved with the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden since 2017. He served as co-chair of the Santa Barbara Beer Garden event in 2017 and 2018 and remains a member of its committee.

              To learn more about the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, visit