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Death is never a popular topic, so it’s no surprise that almost 6 in 10 people in Munster don’t have a will in place. Writing a will is one of those jobs that we understand the need for, but somehow never seems able to do it. Although, according to Royal London research, the pandemic has helped focus our minds, with 55% of those surveyed saying Covid-19 made them realize the importance of having a will.

“It is understandable that many people are reluctant to discuss the subject of death and death, but this investigation indicates that this is hampering the necessary arrangements,” said Tony Burke, Royal London brokerage advisor for Cork. “Although the survey results show that most people have a sense of when to make a will, it seems the majority are not taking action. ”

You don’t have to make a will, but it’s important to understand what happens if you don’t.

“If you die without making a will, your estate will be distributed in accordance with inheritance law,” says Citizens Information. “This means that your estate will be divided among your surviving family members as provided by law. ”

For example, if you die without a will [intestate] and with a spouse or civil partner and children, the law states that your spouse / civil partner receives two thirds of your estate and the remaining third is divided equally among your children. The law provides for a number of other situations, including if you have a spouse without children, children without a spouse, only siblings, or only other parents. If you have no parents, your estate goes to the state.

“If you want to have a say in who inherits all or part of your estate, you should make a will,” says Citizens Information.

Mr. Burke points out that making a will can make a huge difference to those who remain.

“Many people may not realize that making arrangements for our death helps, in many ways, relieve some financial pressures as well as the burden of decision-making and administration on our loved ones,” says- he. “Putting time and thought into these matters and preparing ahead of time can provide some peace of mind in having your affairs in order, no matter what stage you are in your life or what is your current situation. At Royal London, we see the tremendously useful impact that financial planning can have in supporting families for many years after the loss of a loved one.

The FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centers) also recommends making a will.

“A will is the only way to safeguard the future of those you love. When you die, your affairs must be liquidated. There will likely be unpaid bills to pay as well as goods to be distributed. Making a will simplifies all of this. This allows you to decide who gets what, with minimal delay and hassle.

While it is possible to write a will yourself, FLAC suggests that it is best to get legal assistance: “Due to the complex rules for writing a will, you should seek the advice of a lawyer.

Things to consider before writing a will include who will be affected by your will – whether you have a spouse or civil partner, children, grandchildren, etc. You need to think about all the properties you own or co-own. Then there are bank accounts, pensions, life insurance or endowment policies, and the provisions therein in the event of death. Joint accounts should be checked to see what arrangements are in place in the event of the death of an account holder.

There are tax implications for recipients to consider, although there are reliefs and exemptions available to lower the bill in certain circumstances.

You can get more information on drafting a will and tax thresholds at and

Living outside

The welcome appearance of the sun in recent weeks has prompted us to plan how to make the most of our outdoor space over the coming months.

With that in mind, Aldi is bringing back its popular rocking lounge chair as a special buy, which is part of a range of garden accessories on sale Sunday, June 27.

The black steel frame lounge chair costs € 69.99 and comes with a removable head cushion, is easy to clean and has a max. load capacity of approx. 110kg.

For a more compact space, the range also includes a weatherproof garden lounger for € 39.99. The recliner can be placed in multiple recline positions with a safety lock and folds for easy storage.

The range also includes indoor / outdoor cushions (€ 7.99), a pizza stone suitable for both barbecue and oven (€ 8.99) and outdoor pots and lamps. All on sale in 146 Aldi stores across the country from Sunday, while stocks last.

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A very different Merrie Monarch Mon, 21 Jun 2021 10:05:00 +0000

Members of the hula halau Ka Lei Mokihana O Hawai’i were quickly identified in the crowd at Lihu’e airport on Sunday morning because of the dark blue shirt uniform emblazoned with “Merrie Monarch”.

The outfit also included matching accessories, including personal masks and personal bags proudly displaying the mokihana berry which is the flower of Kaua’i, and color-matched luggage with the mokihana berry colors.

“We’re still leaving with the (shirts) from last year,” said a kane artist between checking in baggage and waiting at arrivals to complete the short groups that will take part in the 2021 edition of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo. “We’re coming home with this year’s (shirts) on.”

Kumu hula Leina’ala Pavao Jardin said this was the ninth appearance of the Kalaheo-based halau at the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival.

“This is supposed to be our 10th appearance,” she said. “But there was no festival last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic which shut everything down. We have to leave today because we have to quarantine ourselves before playing. We also have to have some testing done and we cannot partner with any of the other participating halau. Basically we go, we produce, and we come home.

The Merrie Monarch Hula festival has been held annually since 1964 and became a victim of the pandemic when festival president Luana Kawelu had to make the decision to cancel the event weeks before it took place in the spring. 2020, the website states festival.

“The health and well-being of all halau attendees and the community at large was our top priority then, and continues to be now, as we move forward with hosting the event this year.” , Kawelu said in his post.

“We are grateful to our partners, including representatives from The Queen’s Health Systems, who have lent their time, expertise and resources to help us put in place and implement this comprehensive safety plan (which is inspired by those used by professional sports teams and associations over the past year). “

Pavao Jardin said that this trip will see the halau kane take the stage for the first time. The kane group includes Luke Hunadi, a recent graduate from Kaua’i High School.

“He goes straight to college from here,” she said. “Do you remember him when he obtained the Master Keiki Hula in 2013 at the Queen Lili’uokalani Keiki Hula competition?”

Ka Lei Mokihana O Leina’ala is one of 15 participating halau who will take the stage without an audience on June 24, 25 and 26 at Edith Kanaka’ole stadium in Hilo.

The field includes 11 wahine and eight kane halau in the categories kahiko (ancient) and ‘auana (modern), and seven participants Miss Aloha Hula.

The performances will be broadcast on KFVE on July 1, 2 and 3, when the winners will be announced.

“We’ll be home by then,” Pavao Jardin said. “We have a big screen TV and we will watch like everyone else.”


Dennis fujimoto, editor and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or

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Father’s Day activities in Kukui Grove Sun, 20 Jun 2021 10:05:00 +0000

LIHU’E – Flip Flop Shops coach Z Zumwalt had to work at the Kukui Grove Center on Saturday.

But the drudgery wasn’t that bad, as Coach Z shared a small business shift with his daughter Sydney at the mall’s Father’s Day celebration, where Deja Vu Surf Hawai’i invited guests. special representatives to talk about the unique, Kaua’i -makes fishing accessories like gaffs and other stainless steel items.

“We’re hiring,” said Koa Kubera, the director of human resources for Target Kaua’i, who debuted in the Target store with a table in the food court. “Everyone is getting super excited. We are recruiting for all positions in the new store, and applications can be filled at

Kubera said that if someone goes to and searches for “Lihu’e,” only team leader positions are currently listed.

“We will have the team member positions like cashiers and others listed by the end of the month,” Kubera said. “We are reaching out to the community right now. We have connected with the Kukui Grove Center and plan to attend as many community events as possible. We want to reach out to underserved communities so that when the store opens, the people who are in the store are the same as those in the community. “

Target Lihu’e currently offers benefits of a 10% employee discount, $ 15.75 per hour to start, and the ability to work up to 40 hours per week.

All positions, including on-demand, seasonal and regular hours, are available.

The community’s vein spread to the 16th Annual Father’s Day Auto Show presented by Harvey Maeda and Kaua’i Classic Cars, where car enthusiasts could bring in non-perishable food and cash. for the benefit of the Kaua’i Independent Food Bank, whose board chair, Donna King, was present. to help distribute prizes.

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The Carlsbad Forum hosts the “Summer in Bloom” events Sat, 19 Jun 2021 18:12:25 +0000

A parade at the Carlsbad Forum.

Summer in Bloom at the Carlsbad Forum runs from Saturday, June 19 to Sunday, June 27, and kicks off with a fashion show on June 19 at 11 a.m. Throughout the nine-day event, the Carlsbad Forum will transform into a beautiful summer garden, with a live butterfly encounter, Instagram garden and handcrafted creations. The San Diego Made Market will line the sidewalks with an eclectic selection of items for sale each day. All are invited and there is no admission fee.

There are several features throughout the nine-day event, including:

Fashion show

Saturday June 19, 11 a.m..

Discover the latest looks of the season in the fine clothing stores of the Forum. We’ll have the San Diego Made Market showcasing amazing local manufacturers and entrepreneurs showcasing an eclectic mix of items for sale. Enjoy the music, prizes, and the first 200 guests in line at the entrance to the fashion show area from 10:30 am will receive a free gift bag *. Free entry.

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Johnny Depp’s rustic-chic home might not be rustic-chic at all Fri, 18 Jun 2021 14:23:08 +0000

Have you ever flipped through photos of a celebrity’s home and admired it for its impeccable design, or how does it all seem put together? Have the photos convinced you that the famous actor has a style of his own?

Often times, these ad photos have nothing to do with the celebrity’s personal style but rather are a tasteful mirage put together by a professional director.

The services of professional decorators or interior design experts who prepare homes for everything from open houses to a registration photo shoot are becoming more common as the price of property increases.

Because homes owned by the rich and famous frequently command tens of millions, professional staging is a prerequisite when it’s time for the home to be listed. Brian Ferrick, a senior designer with a staging company Meridith Baer Home, told Inman that agents and developers specializing in high-end houses often have relationships with staging companies and professionals. When they get a runway, they reach out and start planning a specific look.

A Tribeca apartment that once belonged to Meryl Streep directed by Meridith Baer Home | Photo credit: Maison Meredith Baer

“They invite our team to take a look at the property and talk about what is needed – the size of the property, the look they are looking for and the buyers they hope to attract,” said Ferrick said. “Our salespeople then make a proposal, then we bring in the designer and make a plan for what we’re going to bring home. “

For homes in Los Angeles, the default design is what Ferrick calls a “laid back California” look of natural wood, white furniture, and stylish but not overly flashy accessories. The design is ambitious and inviting. Ferrick said if the owner is famous, his personal style – a guitar on a wall, a movie poster of a starlet – might make a cameo appearance, but it’s rarely a big influence on how the house is. decorated for sale. .

In other words, these neat images of domestic bliss aren’t iconic for how, say, Seth Rogan really lives.

“We’re trying to update it and market it to a new owner, because if someone lived in their house for 15 years, what they liked or liked 15 years ago might not be what is all the rage right now, ”said Ferrick, adding that his company has a 200,000 square foot warehouse from where they pull all the furniture and decor items they might need. “Even if it’s very well done, it’s often too precise. We’re trying to neutralize that and make it a little more accessible to everyone. “

A house directed by Meridith Baer Home | Photo credit: Maison Meredith Baer

In the case of the Meryl Streep apartment, which was decorated by the directors of Meridith Baer before selling for $ 15.8 million in 2020, that meant sleek, light-colored furnishings to accentuate its characteristic la more remarkable – an enveloping terraced garden which offers a 360 degree panoramic view. of New York City.

A Los Angeles home that once belonged to Johnny Depp, also staged before listing by Meridith Baer, ​​has a more restored and rustic-chic look – wood furniture, leather sofas, overhanging lamps, and dining rooms. eccentric art and accessories.

Ashley Quinn, vice president of creative services for luxury design and real estate marketing firm Interior Marketing Group, also said a nod to the former occupant is better than a full look since the goal is always looking to the future and creating a vision that a new buyer can imagine living in. Multi-million dollar homebuyers are often not fazed by fame and prefer to see the features of the home, Quinn told Inman.

“The goal is always a high-end, wide look, regardless of the occupant,” Quinn said. “We achieve this by working in neutral tones and adding texture and color through accessories and artwork. Sometimes we have a little fun with it. When designing Keith Richards’ house, for example, we created a rock and roll style living room with a fun purple sofa and guitar-inspired artwork.

Quinn said the typical staging process also involves meeting with a real estate agent to fully understand the demographics of a potential buyer and noting details such as number of bedrooms as well as architectural details and unique finishes. . After that, the creative process begins: the directors take measurements, choose the paint and wallpaper, decide on the floor finishes and present a general vision of how they want the house to look.

A Tribeca apartment that once belonged to Meryl Streep directed by Meridith Baer Home | Photo credit: Sotheby’s International Realty

“Modern, clean low lines are our go-to furniture selections for staging,” Quinn said. “There are some things my little designer heart loves, but they just don’t work in settings. A four poster bed, for example, takes up too much visual space in a room and often takes away the view.

Aspiration, or creating an image and atmosphere a few levels above what the potential buyer currently has, is a key part of most real estate, and staging doesn’t do exception – Ferrick said this often results in situations where the photos and the open house that emerges from them make the owner feel a tinge of nostalgia or even doubts about selling the house.

“There are people who, when given the opportunity to see someone reinterpret their home, suddenly wonder why they are moving,” Ferrick said.

Email Veronika Bondarenko

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Margot Robbie on husband Tom Ackerley’s fear of snakes Thu, 17 Jun 2021 21:55:02 +0000

Image source: Getty / Jon Kopaloff / WireImage

Part of what makes Harley Quinn so badass is her fearless approach to almost any situation and her love for her two hyenas, Bud and Lou. IRL, Margot Robbie’s appreciation for wildlife also extends to animals of the not-so-cute and cuddly variety, including snakes. As for her husband, Tom Ackerley? Not really. In a recent interview with Australian actress Rose Byrne on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the Birds of prey The star opened up about Tom’s ophiophobia, aka his massive fear of snakes, and the time they encountered one in their LA backyard.

“My husband hates snakes,” Margot said, adding that she grew up with kangaroos in her garden and reptiles that sometimes sneaked into her house. “He’s English. You obviously don’t have them in England at all, I guess. But I mean, they’re everywhere! I live in LA and there was a two-meter snake just outside the kitchen, just in the garden the other day. [Tom] almost had a coronary. He was like, ‘What are we doing ?! Shall we kill him ?! ‘ And I was like, ‘F * ck. . . no, we are not killing him. Just gently tell him to go somewhere else. ‘”

“It wasn’t a poisonous snake. I searched for it on Google. I checked.”

A native of England himself, James in disbelief, must have asked, “Did you kindly tell a snake to leave your property?” Margot suggested nudging the reptile lightly with a leaf, adding, “It wasn’t a poisonous snake. I Google it up. I checked.” Margot didn’t say if Tom ended up helping chase the snake out of the yard, but our bet is – poisonous or not – she took this one solo.

Since their relationship began in 2014, Margot and Tom have been deprived of their relationship. The director met Margot on the set of the WWII drama French Suite, where he was a third assistant director. After moving in with the rest of the team during the production of the wolf of Wall Street, the couple told their friends they were dating, according to Carry. In 2016, Margot and Tom got married in secret at a ceremony held in Byron Bay and attended by his siblings.

“I was the ultimate single girl,” Margot said in a 2016 feature for Vogue. “The idea of ​​relationships made me want to throw up, and then it took over me. We’ve been friends for so long. I’ve always been in love with him, but I thought, ‘Oh, he didn’t. ‘Would never love back. Don’t do that weird, Margot. Don’t be silly and tell her you like her. And then it happened, and I was like,’ Of course we’re together. It makes so much sense, like nothing has ever made sense before. ‘”

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Suncast Corporation goes solar Wed, 16 Jun 2021 18:25:00 +0000

BATAVIA, Ill., June 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Suncast Corporation, the market-leading manufacturer of high-quality resin products made in the United States, announced the installation of new solar panels to help power its Batavia, Illinois operations.

The solar panels will generate thousands of kilowatts of clean energy to help run the plant, allowing Suncast to operate in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Over its lifetime, the solar panel will save millions of pounds of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of planting hundreds of thousands of trees.

“At Suncast, we are driven by our commitment to the highest standards of quality, innovation and sustainability. We believe that doing the right thing, supporting our communities and making the world a better place is good for business, ”said Jim ahlborn, President and CEO of Suncast Corporation.

Installing the solar panels is just one of many initiatives under Suncast’s sustainability program, embodying Suncast’s commitment to operating in an environmentally friendly, responsible and sustainable manner. Other initiatives include recycling and reuse of 100% of waste resin in the manufacturing process, manufacturing products partially or 100% from recycled materials, the use of hybrid electric vehicles in facilities and a program end-of-life recycling where products can be fully recycled after providing lasting value through seasons of use.

About Suncast® and Suncast Commercial®
Suncast Corporation is a private designer, manufacturer and distributor of consumer and commercial products for the domestic and industrial markets. The breadth of the wide product line includes innovative items in several categories encompassing: outdoor storage, lawn and garden, planters, snow tools, deck and patio accessories, outdoor furniture and more.

Suncast continues to be a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality resin products, manufactured in the United States for over 35 years. The Suncast brand is the market leader in hose reels, outdoor storage and snow tools. These products are sold in more than 25,000 points of sale in United States and Canada, primarily through Big Box, Hardware, Clubs and Specialty Retail chains as well as major e-commerce providers.

Find out more about the full range of Suncast and Suncast Commercial® products, visit our websites: and

SOURCE Suncast Corporation

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Global Gardening Tools Market By COVID-19 Impact Analysis By Market Research Store – The Courier Wed, 16 Jun 2021 07:26:06 +0000

Key players in the global gardening tools market, business approaches and geographic analysis in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The report on “Garden Tools Market Published By Market Research Store Overview by Key Manufacturers, Trends, Industry Growth, Size, Analysis and Forecast to 2028”, the report contains 150+ PDF pages with table of contents , including a list of numbers and a table.

The Global Gardening Tools Market report is the cradle of all the market related details from finance, regional development to the future growth rate of the market. It also discusses the market assessment which includes market size, revenue, and share to get acquainted with the current market position in the regional and global platform. To shed light on the growth rate of the market, the report offers information such as recent developments, achievements, obstacles, threats, and driving factors of the market. The Global Garden Tools Market report provides validated information using few research methodologies and primary or secondary resources.

Get a free sample report + all related charts and graphs (with COVID 19 analysis):

Key players:

The dominant players in the global gardening tools market are Homelite, Honda, Toro, Srihl, Poulan, Husqvarna, Black & Decker, Craftsman, Scotts, Echo, Troy-bilt, Weed Eater, John Deere. Market players help to understand the supply / demand ratio, consumer preferences, latest manufacturing process and latest developments. The competitive landscape focuses more on financial gains and market developments during the forecast period.

This report segments the market based on the following types:

Lawn mower, power tools, hand tools, garden accessories

On the basis of Application, the market is segmented into:

Commercial residence

COVID-19 impact analysis:

In the report on the Global Gardening Tools Market, experts discussed the pre and post COVID-19 impacts. The report details the funding and market growth pros as well as the downsides achieved during this crisis. Despite a major economic plunge, the garden tool market has adopted new development strategies and skills to rebound. The market has started to seek different sources of funding and business approaches to maintain on the regional and global platform.

Request a pre and post COVID-19 impact analysis on businesses:

Regional study:

In the regional analysis, the report clarifies the regional market attractiveness of the market, industrial developments in specific regions, sales analysis, and other market segmentations. The regions comprising the United States, Canada and Mexico in North America, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and the rest of South America as part of South America, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Poland, rest of Europe in Europe, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Rest of Asia-Pacific (APAC) in Asia-Pacific (APAC), Africa South, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, Egypt, Rest of Middle East and Africa (MEA) as part of Middle East and Africa (MEA ) provide an excellent socio-economic environment for the Garden tools industry development. It also confirms the market status on both regional and global platform.

In this report, the experts have clearly extrapolated such facets as market driving factors, market revenue, share, size, opportunities and challenges, changing market dynamics, key players, dominant regions, economic instabilities and other competitive factors.

Extrapoles Covered By The Global Gardening Tools Market Report:

• Study on the evolution of competitive market dynamics
• Latest opportunities and challenges, threats, historical and future trends
• Analysis of the geographical distribution and the competitive landscape for a better
• The report also covers key drivers, latest development trends, new product launches and other key aspects.
• Statistical study covering market size, share and revenue for a better understanding of the current state of the market.

The report provides answers to the following questions:

• What are the main market drivers predicted to propel market growth?
• What is the key factor expected to fuel the growth rate of the global gardening tools market?
• What are the main business strategies adopted by the main market players?
• Which regions are showing rapid market growth?

For an additional revised list of market players in 2020, request a sample report:


Section 01: executive summary

Section 02: Scope of the report

Section 03: research methodology

Section 04: presentation

Section 05: market landscape

Section 06: market sizing

Section 07: Five Forces Analysis

Section 08: Market segmentation by product

Section 09: Market segmentation by distribution channel

Section 10: customer landscape

Section 11: Market segmentation by end user

Section 12: regional landscape

Section 13: decision-making framework

Section 14: Drivers and Challenges

Section 15: Market trends

Section 16: competitive landscape

Article 17: company profiles

Article 18: annex

Get more information before you buy @

About Us

Market research store is a one-stop destination for all types of industries, global and regional reports. We offer an extensive repository of the latest industry reports and market statistics published by reputable private publishers and public organizations. The Market Research Store is the comprehensive collection of market information products and services available. Our extensive reporting database enables our clients to benefit from expert information on global industries, products and market trends.

Our research specialists have in-depth knowledge of the offerings of different publishers and the various reports on the respective sectors. Our empowered team will help you narrow down the search parameters and get the desired results right at your fingertips. In addition to published market research reports, we also offer customized studies on any topic to meet the varied and niche requirements of our clients. Whether you are looking for new product trends, competitive analysis, or research into existing or emerging markets, Market Research Store has the best deals and the expertise to get the insights you need. You can also choose the option of purchasing full reports or sections of the report to meet your specific needs.

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Car wash accessories: to give your vehicle an incredible look | Most Wanted Products Tue, 15 Jun 2021 10:09:00 +0000

How to wash your car? Or do you outsource the car wash to an external service provider? Well, if you wash your car yourself, do you know what useful car wash accessories you can get? If not, there are some amazing car wash accessories such as washers, spray guns, brushes, clothes and more that can help you clean your vehicle with perfection and ease. These car wash accessories are a smart one-time purchase for people who plan to clean their vehicle twice a month.

So, if you are looking for car wash accessories, take a look at some of the most popular which can be purchased online in India:

Car wash accessories


You have successfully voted

Let’s start with car washes

This STARQ pressure washer is a great car wash accessory to have. The offered car high pressure cleaner is red in color and is available in the dimensions 40 x 35 x 35 cm. Along with this, the offered pressure washer is equipped with a heavy-duty 2100W induction copper-wound motor. Other features include long life, rugged construction, reliable performance and quiet operation. Price: Rs 6,799.

The Bosch car pressure washer is available in the dimensions 36.5 x 36 x 44 cm. This car high pressure washer weighs approximately 7.55 kg and is green in color. The proposed pressure washer is known for its quieter operations and easy to move nature. In addition, the offered product has an operating voltage range of 220 to 240 volts. This pressure washer comes with a telescopic handle and large wheels for easy maneuverability. Price: Rs 10,565.

Check out more car pressure washers here.

Car Spray Guns – For Easy Cleaning

Buy this high pressure car spray gun which has an exterior inlet made of brass, metal and cast iron. The offered car spray gun is 17 x 15 x 5 cm in size and weighs approximately 180 grams. This product is available with an ergonomic handle and a locking pin to resume the flow of water. The offered car spray gun is known for its long shelf life, high strength, rugged nature and superior performance. Price: Rs 399.

Check out this water spray gun which is great for the car wash chore. The offered car water spray gun is made of high quality steel and is available in the dimensions 29 x 5 x 16 cm. This car water spray gun is available with a soft handle and is easy to handle. On top of that, the offer is black in color and weighs around 280 grams. Additional attributes include copper nipple seal, metal plating switch frame, copper adjustment nozzle, and 360 degree rotation. Price: Rs 499.

Check out more car spray guns here.

Car shampoos

Use this NIKS car wash shampoo in the amount of 5 liters. This car wash shampoo contains no hazardous chemicals and helps you remove road grime, traffic grime and related pollutants. Along with this, the offered car wash shampoo is known for its excellent scent, neutral pH and very high lather. Get this product for its extra heavy density and helps you give your car a new look. Price: Rs 1,050.

Don’t miss this car shampoo from Waxpol that goes well with buckets and cleaning with foam and snow foam. Available in a 5 liter capacity, this car shampoo provides powerful cleaning thanks to its balanced pH and superior performance. On top of that, the offered car shampoo is known for its ability to rinse off easily without any problem. This product is appreciated for its biodegradable nature, its high foaming power and its transparent coating. Price: Rs 640.

Find more car shampoos here.

Car wash brush and cloth

For removing stubborn dust from corners and hard-to-reach areas, this car cleaning cloth from CEEJAY is a good shopping alternative. This car cloth is made from premium microfiber which allows it to vacuum up dust, mud or residue in one pass. In addition, the offered car cloth comes with an adjustable handle and is easy to use. This product is available in the size 18 x 8 x 3 cm and weighs approximately 490 grams. Price: Rs 425.

Get this crisp microfiber cloth from SOFTSPUN, made from polyester, microfiber, nylon and A-Okay cotton. The offered microfiber cloth is highly regarded for its ultra-soft texture, non-abrasive nature, superior absorbency and long shelf life. At the same time, the offered microfiber cloth is 40 x 40 x 0.5 cm in size and weighs approximately 224 grams. Price: Rs 299.

Check out more microfiber cloths here.

Disclaimer: Journalists from The Times of India were not involved in the production of this article. The prices of the products mentioned in the article are subject to change depending on the offers offered by Amazon.

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Alert! This Made garden table is on sale with £ 50 off – ideal for family barbecues Mon, 14 Jun 2021 17:00:23 +0000

Your search for a new outdoor table was over when we spotted this Made garden table with a £ 50 discount off their current sale – and it’s huge. Now you can finally alfresco dining in style. Better start organizing those family barbecues and blocking your schedule.

The garden table we are talking about is the Swara Oval Garden Dining Table. Usually that would set you back £ 249, but at the moment it’s only £ 199. Trust us when we say it’s a good deal. This table seats six for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – or even just for a drink – while we think you could possibly squeeze eight around this table depending on the size of your chairs. It is also safe for children and pets with rounded edges. It’s, of course, covered in glass to add a touch of sophistication to your patio or deck, and it’s made from polyrattan. Oh, and did we mention it has a sturdy aluminum frame? You will need to store it or keep it covered in the winter, but rest assured it will be worth it. Not only Instagrammable but also inexpensive and conveniently sized, what more could you ask for?

Head over to our best patio furniture page for more stylish suggestions.

(Image credit: Swara)

Oval garden dining table Swara | £ 249 £ 199 at Made
We say style this Made garden table with black chairs, and if you want to save space, you can buy stackable ones. Choose chairs without armrests to gather more people around this table. Perfect for hosting family barbecues, sit-down meals or even just using it as a table for your food at a party. Especially a smart buy as it looks like we’ll be enjoying the outdoors longer with the rule of six when the interior is ready to stay a bit longer.

Delivery costs £ 15 and this table will be dispatched within four to six weeks. In total, it measures 180cm wide and 90cm deep. You’ll need to put the legs together, but other than that it’s a cinch – the hardest part will be deciding where you want it to go in your yard. Under a pergola? On your terrace? The choice is yours.See the offer

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