Clouds, drizzle, brighter days ahead

The bottom line

Thanks to a back door cold front, we find ourselves in a rather “blah” slice of the atmosphere. Thunderstorms early in the morning will give way to clouds and cooler temperatures on Tuesday, with additional drizzle showers possible later.

We will see substantial improvements on Wednesday, during the remainder of the work week. A coastal storm system could cause rain and coast issues as we head into the upcoming Columbus Day holiday weekend.


Have you been woken up by the noisy thunderstorms that swept through central and southern New Jersey overnight? Even the part of the state which remained completely dry was soaked.

As of this writing (6 a.m.), rain continues to pour across the state. There are a few pockets of heavy rain. Nothing very worrying, since the storms move and do not train (reform again and again in the same place). Just watch for large puddles, wet roads, and poor visibility.

Around 8 or 9 am, the rain will have cleared the coast. By this time, too, our backdoor cold front will have cleared the southern border of NJ. This means we are enjoying cooler, drier air on Tuesday. (I actually had to lower the temperature expectations a few degrees.)

Highs will only reach around 65 to 70 degrees on Tuesday afternoon. It’s 5 to 15 degrees cooler than Monday. And slightly below normal for early October.

It will be mostly cloudy to overcast from mid-morning to early afternoon. A resurgence of drizzle showers could reappear from the afternoon. Such raindrops would be very light and limited to the southern half of the state (south of Interstate 195).

Watering luck will continue for South Jersey on Tuesday evening. Otherwise, wherever you are, the sky will remain mostly cloudy. Low temperatures will drop to around 60 degrees.


Much brighter and better. Aside from a pre-dawn spritz, Wednesday will be dry. And the sky will change from clouds to the sun (eventually). Temperatures will be seasonal, typical of this time of year. Look for highs around 70 degrees, give or take. Not a bad day, at all.


Even more enjoyable. I will optimistically call it “partly sunny”, with a very slight westerly flow causing a slight warm-up. Thursday afternoon highs are expected to reach the mid-1970s.


Clouds will increase, but I’ll keep a dry forecast for now. Even though the wind will eventually shift in an earthly direction, the peaks will remain stable in the mid-1970s.

Weekends and beyond

The big deal over the weekend will be a low pressure area parked just off our coast. Although the center of this coastal storm system will move away from New Jersey, the easterly wind will keep the skies cloudy and temperatures at or below normal. We also got to see showers and showers, especially throughout Saturday.

Coastal flooding caused by surges and choppy waves caused by swells could also become a problem. Just something to watch out for for now – we’ll post details as the tide patterns go into resolution in a day or two.

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