From mirrors to dishes to lighting, home decor stores are adding new categories for 2022

The renewed focus on lighting is a category that many home decor retailers and designers have said they will focus on in the coming year.

As the market’s winter season approaches, we asked retailers and designers what categories they’re starting to focus on for the coming year.

• Pamela Burke, Director of Global Sales, Blue Pheasant, “We focus on bar items (ice buckets, shakers, trays and coasters). We have some very unique materials that our interior design community craves. Our barware sales doubled in 2021 and we believe this trend will continue into 2022.

• Pamela Cain, President, Chelsea House, “One area we will be focusing on in 2022 is mirrors. Striking mirrors as well as simpler lines executed in unique materials.

• David Lee, Director of Business Development, Crestview Collection, “Crestview plans to continue rolling out more categories in Accent Decor. We have had great success with what our team has achieved; and with a revamped creative suite that boasts over 100 years of product development within the industry, we believe we continue to be a go-to resource for all things accent decorating. I firmly believe that some generations want to be their own designer and being in accent furniture, lighting, wall decor and table tops gives us an edge over this trend.

• Sangeeta Gupta, US CEO and Owner, Dome Deco, “Hospitality will be our primary focus as it has taken off significantly in Europe for the brand and has started doing the same in the US. We just exhibited at BDNY and plan to put a lot of energy into building this part of the business.

• David Pamer, CEO of Elk Home, “In 2021 we have completely changed our name, so 2022 will be a year where we let everyone get to know the new Elk Home. We will focus on in-house exclusive designs and coordinated product launches that reflect important trends. “

• Paul Thompson, Product Development and Design, Key Accounts, Global Views, “The need for lighting continues to grow and we are developing table, work and pendant lighting in many styles and materials. Seating in the form of bar stools and dining chairs is a growing area as consumers want more choices as they move away from matching furniture sets. There is so much diversity to discover in these categories for every type of customer.

• Vinamra Laddha, Owner and COO, LR Home, “We plan to focus on furniture. We are rapidly developing in furniture to establish ourselves as the leaders in the category. Our vision is to become a one-stop-shop for furniture and interior design retailers with products covering their key needs (furniture, rugs, pillows, ottomans, throws, etc.) ”

• Lauren Brekke, Vice President of Merchandise, Mud Pie, “Our biggest goal in 2022 is interior design. Over the past few years, we’ve seen many traditional gift stores expand their offering to include smaller home décor pieces, ranging from pillows to throws and candlesticks. Additionally, we have seen countless home decor stores purchasing other accessories to give away to complement their current home-focused selections. Mud Pie strives to meet the needs of all retailers, which is why our team of designers keep the pulse of the industry and constantly introduce new types of pieces to our ever-growing home collection.

• Michelle Gee, President, Napa Home & Garden, “I believe that as we come out of the pandemic people are paying attention to how they spend and what they invest their money in. The days of overconsumption are behind us. Quality becomes the mark of buying interest. So here in Napa we’re more selective with what we bring. Only high quality items have stood the test of time and can make the outdoor and indoor space much more comfortable for entertaining, connecting and living. This includes large scale, hyperrealistic faux olive trees and Ficus trees, beautiful Impruneta terracotta planters, and beautiful pottery handcrafted in Italy and Vietnam.

• Alan Buff, Director of Marketing and Sales, Pampa Bay, “We anticipate the growth of our Golden Accent business. We have seen a strong resurgence in gold (shiny and matte) over the past couple of years and the trend appears to have further growth potential. We offer full surface gold coverage, but we really focus on combining gold with black, gold with white, and gold with blue on our porcelain serving accessories.

• Steffan Craig, Director of Sales and Marketing, Pendulux, “Functional but unique accessories are a priority for us. Whether it is side tables, desk and fireplace clocks, benches or office items. As the line between home and workspace blurs, consumers are looking for pieces that have both usable and decorative qualities.

• Mark Abrams, VP of Design and Marketing, Port 68, “We will continue to build on the success of our licensees Williamsburg, Scalamandre and Madcap Cottage, as they all have unique perspectives on models and historical archives. It’s great to have everyone’s diversity to add to our company’s overall product collection.

• Angela Schmook, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, RoadRunners LLC, “Our people will be the area we focus on. I really want to invest in our independent salespeople. They are at the heart of our business. We are working to equip them with better tools to be more productive and efficient.

• Paula Sansone, Creative Director, Rolf Glass, “We will focus on personalized products. I see it as an extension of our human mind trying to find more personal ways to be more connected, to feel closer, and to show kindness and love to our family and friends.

• David Zrike, President of The Zrike Company, “Tableware continues to be an area of ​​growth and we will strive to release more models with more licenses in 2022. With people eating more at home, we believe that demand will increase. ”

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