Gardening expenses up slightly for 2022

Reports across the country show that gardening costs are going up quite a bit for things like fertilizer.

Mick Gainain, co-owner of Gainan’s Heights Flowers, Garden & Patio, says the ratio of fertilizer to water in his store is the same as at home.

Mick Gainan, co-owner of Gainan’s Heights Flowers, Garden & Patio.

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“Fertilizer prices around the world are on the rise,” Gainan said.

National reports show that fertilizer prices are increasing by more than 40% in some cases.

For vegetable gardens, Gainan found a smaller increase of around 10% and says that even with higher expenses, it is important to fertilize

“Fertilizers should be used,” Gainan said. “There’s a certain charge in most soils that contains the right things plants need, but you have to supplement it.”

Gainan says following package directions can help you use fertilizer made up of different ratios of nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potash effectively.

“Those three numbers are really what dictate what fertilizers are used for,” he said.

Overall, he says home garden prices could be around 8-12% higher this year, but there are ways to cut costs.

“Depending on whether they’re growing from seed themselves, they’ll save a bit of money,” Gainan said. “If they’re going to grow it from mature plants or ready-to-transplant plants. Those costs are maybe 3 or 4 percent.”

“Something rewarding, to see these little miracles come out of the ground or bloom for you,” Gainan said of home gardening. “Nothing better than going out there with a cup of coffee in the morning, just looking at your garden and seeing how things are going.”

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