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Floating gardens will help improve water quality in Kelowna.

Six “bio-islands” were installed on September 2 at Redlich Pond, located in Old Glenmore.

The pond was originally a wetland on an orchard property, before becoming part of the neighborhood’s stormwater infrastructure.

“The floating bio-islands contain plants designed to provide additional passive biological remediation and treatment in the pond before this stormwater flows into Brandt Creek and discharges into Okanagan Lake,” Jason said. Jenson, a City of Kelowna Infrastructure Delivery Design Technician.

The pond receives runoff from the lower neighborhood of Glenmore, parts of Clifton Road and surrounding neighborhoods.

In Kelowna, stormwater flows through city streets before flowing into storm sewers. Drains are connected to natural watersheds, such as streams, ponds and lakes, without going through any form of treatment.

Floating plants feed on potentially harmful nutrients found in the pond, purifying the water before it flows into Okanagan Lake.

Each of the six floating gardens measures eight square meters and has 80 planting holes, which are home to native plant species.

The islands are made up of a floating plastic matrix with a planting system placed on top to support the plants.

The gardens will float in the middle of the pond to ensure they do not impact runoff.

The water will be tested periodically to measure success and adjust the process, all with the goal of improving the quality of water entering our natural systems and Okanagan Lake. We can all help by making sure we improve our practices at home. It is everyone’s responsibility.

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