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A flower synonymous with fall and Mother’s Day, chrysanthemums bloom in hues of gold, bronze, white, pink, and red, and come in a variety of flower types.

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There is something magical about seeing a landscape come to life with new flowers and beautiful colors. If you are looking for a new flagship product in your garden, you don’t have to look far. Chrysanthemums, also known by their nickname “moms,” can brighten up any space with their colorful flowers.

These gems can be used in many ways – as grouped blocks of color, combined with ornamental grasses, intertwined among shrubs, or in pots for bright splashes. Here’s a guide to getting started planning and planting yours.


How to grow

Most of the propagation of chrysanthemum is done by dividing older plants. To propagate yours, carefully deposit the plants in the spring when their new growth begins to appear. But before replanting, remove any dead or diseased parts.


Chrysanthemums need a lot of sunlight to grow. Look for sunny spots in your garden that are protected from the wind.


Chrysanthemums grow best in cool to mild temperatures, but will always grow in milder subtropics.

potted chrysanthemums



It is essential to ensure good drainage because chrysanthemums do not like to have wet feet. They thrive in almost any type of soil that you can improve with compost or other organic material. If grow in containers opt for apremium potting soil.

The water

Water the soil well in summer, but since chrysanthemums are susceptible to downy mildew, they should be kept dry. It is also recommended to water the soil in the morning and not in the evening.


Feed them with liquid fertilizer every six weeks to promote flowering.


  • Snails, slugs and aphids love chrysanthemums. They are easy to remove by hand, but if the number of aphids gets out of hand, spray them with an organic horticultural oil.
  • For a bush that has a lot of flowers, pinch off the growing tips when the plants are 8 inches tall.
  • To produce large flowers, if the bush is producing a lot of buds, remove some of the buds as the flowers will be smaller.
  • If you overwater the leaves, they can rust and develop small yellow buds. Remove affected leaves or, if severe, use copper or sulfate spray.
Purple flowers in close-up of chrysanthemums


Where to plant chrysanthemums in your garden

Like a shrub in your front garden, chrysanthemums will greet you with their bright blossoms as you walk up your path. Get a chrysanthemum and you’ll want more – in colors ranging from pure white to the darkest burgundy, from mellow yellow to the boldest bronze, from the palest pink to tumultuous red, and from cream to lime green. Then there are the shapes, ranging from intricate curls of petals to the simplest of daisies. It all spells happiness on a stick.

Chrysanthemums are an excellent bedding plant and can be grown in the ground almost anywhere. Remember to avoid clay or sandy soils.

potted chrysanthemum


How to grow chrysanthemums in containers

  • Place in a well-lit area.
  • Water the potting soil, not the leaves.
  • Don’t overwater – a houseplant doesn’t need as much as a plant in the garden.
  • Remove flowers and dead leaves.

The nice thing about chrysanthemums given as flowering potted plants is that they can be cut after they’ve bloomed and planted in the garden.

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