I’m a gardening expert – five easy ways to protect your plants from slugs and snails

ACHIEVING the garden of your dreams can take years.

So there is nothing more frustrating than when pests such as slugs and snails arrive and ruin your lovely plants and flowers.


Gardening expert Louise Findlay-Wilson shared five steps to help get rid of pests. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty

But according to an expert, there are five very simple steps that can help eliminate them from your garden.

And the best part? These are all perfectly natural methods that cause no harm to the environment.

Louise Findlay-Wilson spoke to L’Express and revealed her top tips…


Louise begins by recommending that homeowners with green fingers carefully select plants that aren’t as attractive to pests.

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She goes on to explain that she has 17 Hosta plants in her garden – a plant widely known to attract pests – but notes that she rarely has problems with them.

Why? Because she strategically opts for varieties that have thicker leaves, making them harder to damage.


Then the gardening expert advises feeding your plants.

The theory behind this is really quite simple, with Louise explaining that the healthier the plants are, the thicker their leaves will become.

As a result, they will be much stronger and able to cope with an influx of hungry pests.


Louise goes on to suggest putting in place a physical barrier to prevent slugs and snails from entering your plants.

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“There are a number of things worth trying, like crushed eggshells, gravel or sand – all of which are uncomfortable for a slug or snail to crawl around on,” he explains. she.

The gardening expert also recommends applying mulch to your lawn to help deter slugs and snails.

She notes that although more expensive than other products, a mulch from a product called Strulch will work for up to two years.


Louise also points to the benefits of using beer – adding that the “yeast smell” tends to attract pests.

However, the idea is not popular with everyone – and even Louise has her doubts.

“While I’m a big fan of kitchen cabinet remedies, I’m not sure beer traps don’t attract more slugs to a garden than there already are,” she says. .


The gardening expert notes that attracting more wildlife – including birds and hedgehogs – to your garden will also naturally help deter pests.

“There are many ways to do this, from building birdhouses to making food balls,” she explains.

“You can also let your garden grow a bit as various wildlife species like a wilder habitat.”

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