Inflation in the UK: which goods and services have risen in price and by how much | Inflation

Last month, inflation hit a new 40-year high of 9.4%, according to the latest figures. The Office for National Statistics uses the Consumer Price Index to measure the increase in the cost of living and, in addition to this aggregate figure, it also compiles the increase in prices of individual goods and services. Here’s a breakdown showing how a range of everyday items has skyrocketed over the past year.

In each case, the figure is the percentage change in the average price over the 12 months to June 2022.


Skimmed milk 26.3%
Butter 21.5%
Olive oil 18.2%
Sauces, condiments, salt, spices and culinary herbs 17.1%
Ready meals 16.7%
Pasta and couscous 15.9%
Jams, marmalades and honey 15.1%
Poultry 14.9%
Margarine and other vegetable fats 14.6%
Eggs 11.5%
Pork 9.8%
Bread 9.7%
Potatoes 9.4%
Edible ices and ice cream 8.9%
Fish 8.0%
Fruit 6.9%
Breakfast cereals 6.2%
Sugar 5.1%
Rice 4.4%


Mineral or spring water 19.5%
Coffee 13.2%
Fruit and vegetable juices 9.1%
Tea 6.8%
Non-alcoholic beverages 6.6%
Beer 2.2%
Wine 1.7%

Electricity, gas and other fuels

Liquid fuels (including gasoline and diesel) 128.9%
Natural gas and city gas 98.5%

Electricity 53.5%
Solid fuels 22.4%

Clothes and shoes

Men’s clothing 8.1%
Footwear for babies and children 8.0%
Clothing accessories 7.5%
Clothing for babies and children 6.2%
Women’s clothing 5.4%
Men’s shoes 5.1%
Women’s footwear 3.6%

Household items and furniture

Garden furniture 25.5%
Irons 22.1%
Heaters and air conditioners 17.2%
Refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers 13.1%
Glassware and porcelain 12.7%
Ranges 8.1%
Bed linen 7.5%


Used cars 15.2%
Bicycles 8.9%
New cars 7.0%
Motorcycles 2.4%

Passenger transport

By air 22.4%
By sea and river 7.1%
By train 5.0%
By metro and tram 4.1%
By bus and coach 3.5%

Hospitality and leisure

Holiday centres, campsites and youth hostels 24.0%
Cinemas, theaters and concerts 16.7%
Hotels, motels and inns 14.0%
Fast food and takeaway 9.5%
Restaurants and cafes 7.4%
Canteens 6.0%
Museums, libraries and zoos 5.2%

Other hobby items

All garden products 16.2%
Sports equipment 12.4%
Plants and flowers 9.7%
Pet products 9.6%
Veterinary services and other companion animals 7.7%
Camping and outdoor recreation equipment 4.5%

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