The plant will convert natural gas into 1,100 barrels / day of high purity Fischer-Tropsch paraffin waxes used in adhesives, coatings, building materials and consumer goods, including cosmetics, as well as light distillates and sulfur-free media used in transportation fuels and chemical industries.

IPP is part of a global group that acquires chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, polymer and pharmaceutical assets and manufacturing sites that close with the aim of restarting assets to manufacture the same or different products, or relocating to a another site with favorable economic conditions while redeveloping the land. IPP is looking for investors to take over or participate in a joint venture to continue the project.

“We are very excited to continue with the Westlake GTL wax project. The compelling economics, strong pick market, low CAPEX requirements, attractive margins on high purity GTL wax products, with commissioning in just 18 months, make this opportunity ripe for investment ”mentioned Ron gale, president of the IPP. “The completed project is expected to achieve a return on investment (ROI) over three years. ”

“With over $ 400 million Invested in the project through the Pre-Ownership, this offering represents a unique opportunity to enter the high purity, low carbon footprint GTL wax industry in North America at an extraordinarily low investment cost and faster than any newcomer to the market ”, added Ross gale, vice-president and director of acquisitions at IPP.

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Since 1978, IPP has become the world’s leading enabler of manufacturing growth opportunities in the industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, polymers and pharmaceutical industries. . IPP enables sustainable industrial growth by deploying pre-existing and preinstalled assets that are immediately available, at a fraction of the cost and delivery time of brand new assets. It has a global portfolio of 14 complete industrial sites, more than 110 complete factories and more than 15,000 major equipment and systems. To learn more about IPP, visit

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