KeHE unveils a new promotion of CAREtrade 2022 partners

KeHE Distributors SARL, has selected 10 food companies that manufacture the world a better place because its CAREtrade partners for 2022. The CAREtrade initiative recognizes and supports mission-driven brands and products that advance higher purpose and give back to communities around the world.

Through the program, KeHE works hand-in-hand with like-minded suppliers and retailers to deliver mission-based brands to shoppers looking for a closer connection to the products they buy. In recent years, responsible sourcing has shifted from a choice made by food retailers in accordance with their values ​​to an imperative for specialty and traditional grocers as customers increasingly demand transparency in the supply chain. sourcing with respect to environmentally friendly and non-exploitative practices.

The five new brands joining KeHE’s CAREtrade are Heart Water, Imlak’esh Organics, Live Love Pop, Our Gorongosa and Rishi Tea. The other five will continue the program for a second year and graduate at the end of 2022: Chickapea, KiZE, Small Ax Peppers, Teeccino and Ziba Foods.

“KeHE is dedicated to serving our communities and making a positive social impact globally. This incredible group of brands selected for CAREtrade 2022 demonstrate the same passions and values ​​we have to improve lives and help our most vulnerable populations, ”said Laura McCord, Executive Director of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. “We are thrilled to partner with this class as they make a conscious choice to serve others through their products. “

Below you will find more details on the brands with which CAREtrade is partnering this year. The winners range from companies that create organic coffee and healthy snacks to organic pasta and more.

Heart Water: Heart Water is ultra-filtered alkaline rainwater. It is free from chemicals, micro-plastics and harmful toxins found in groundwater, and comes in durable, refillable and recyclable aluminum bottles. Twenty-three percent of its profits go to the Heartwater Foundation, whose mission is to provide clean water to water-struggling communities around the world.

Imlak’esh Bio: Imlak’esh Organics offers a range of functional herbal, keto, paleo, and immunity boosting snacks with unique flavors. It is an LGBTQ certified company that develops organic and ethical supply chains that benefit various small farmers around the world. Imlak’esh is building a bridge with small farmers to bring super nuts and regenerating cocoa to the people for cultivation and biodiversity.

Live Love Pop: After the founder’s mother was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, Live Love Pop was launched and the mission behind it became the central pillar of the brand. Live Love Pop is not only healthy and wholesome, but it’s also a popcorn snack that gives back. Through its Selfless Snacking campaign, it supports the following causes: breast cancer research, the fight against hunger, veterans health programs, pediatric cancer research, Alzheimer’s disease research, empowerment of victims of human trafficking, cardiovascular medical research and youth development programs.

Our Gorongosa: Our Gorongosa works with over 850 Mozambican farmers who earn a sustainable income from their coffee crops while supporting the rainforest. One hundred percent of the profits from each bag of coffee sold goes to Gorongosa National Park. Profits support girls’ education, wildlife conservation, and rainforest reforestation activities that benefit farmers, their communities and the ecosystem they call home.

Rishi tea: Rishi Tea was founded on a commitment to setting the standard for quality and raising awareness of tea and its rich inspiring tradition. It offers premium tea and herbs imported direct from gardens around the world. His commitment to sustainability is at the heart of his belief that organic tea, grown without the use of agrochemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, is generally healthier for the environment, farmers and tea drinkers.

Chickpea: Chickpeas are nutritious, protein-rich, organic pasta made only from chickpeas and lentils. Its new + Greens product line adds spinach and kale, making it an easy way to get protein and greens. Chickapea is partnering with Community Food Centers Canada and The New Farm (a regenerative farm in Canada) to help solve climate change and food insecurity.

KiZE: KiZE was created with a passion to help others become the best in themselves every day, and it strives to make a positive impact in the community, both locally and globally. Every bar purchase affects a community of 1,000 children in Haiti and helps serve the poor, hungry and youth of the Oklahoma City area. These on-the-go snack options consist of simple, high-quality, real food ingredients with a dessert taste and texture.

Small chili peppers: Small Ax Peppers has created a nationwide sustainable business model that strengthens community gardens and their social justice missions. Each garden has a unique social mission, informed by the needs of the surrounding areas. Throughout the growing season, gardeners resell the peppers to Small Ax at a higher price to produce Small Ax Hot Sauce, creating a sustainable source of income for vital community development work.

Teeccino: Using unique plants from developing countries, including ramón seeds collected from the wild, Teeccino creates new sources of income to empower individuals, especially women, in rural communities. Teeccino supports nutritional education programs and also makes donations to rainforest preservation, poverty alleviation and to seven NGOs whose company publishes information on the lids of its tea tins. Teeccino Roasted Herbal Coffees & Teas with Heart-Healthy Potassium, Cleansing Dandelion, Wellness Mushrooms, Adaptogenic Herbs, and Prebiotics are for tea drinkers who want more functionality in their everyday cup.

Ziba Foods: Ziba’s range of dried fruits and nuts is a sustainable, nutrient-dense and superior-tasting alternative to conventional brands. Non-GMO and high in protein and healthy fats, Ziba’s products are unique heirloom and wild-grown varieties ethically sourced from all parts of Afghanistan, a country that in the 1970s , was one of the world’s leading exporters of quality dried fruits and nuts before the ensuing conflict and economic instability. Ziba Foods is supported by a social mission to improve the lives of farmers and marginalized women in Afghanistan, as well as ongoing traceability and transparency programs.

Based in Naperville, Illinois KeHE is the largest exclusive distributor of natural and organic, specialty and fresh products to over 30,000 health food stores, independent grocery and grocery chains, e-commerce retailers and other specialty retailers in North America . A Certified B Corporation, the company has more than 5,500 employee-owners.

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