Must-visit plant stores and nurseries in Portland

Portlanders take their gardening very seriously, and for good reason; our wet winters and bright summers mean this city can give anyone a green thumb. And with winter behind us and the buds of spring all around, now is the perfect time to visit local plant stores and nurseries and spruce up your own patch. Whether sprucing up your garden or adding more cheer to your home’s interior, here are some of our favorite places in town to boost your foliage.

Hummingbird flowers and plants

1454 NE Prescott Street, Sabin

Founded in 2017 by chef Naomi Pomeroy and her husband Kyle Webster, otherwise known as the dream team behind Beast (RIP) and Expatriate, Colibri Flowers and Plants is now run by artist and musician Bianca Sparta, who joined in as creative director and co-owner in 2018. Behind the doors of this unassuming northeast Prescott storefront, soft lighting and earthy tones invite plant lovers into a well-organized space, complete with a variety of garden plants. interior and vibrating pots. The bespoke floral design studio and plant boutique also compose carefully personalized arrangements as well as pre-made bouquets and can be hired for events.

living landscape

3926 N. Vancouver Ave, Boise
If you’re determined to make a living from your garden, Livingscape is a great place to find seeds, vegetables and herbs, and fruit trees. The nursery, owned by Tim and Shawna O’Neal, also offers a dedicated selection of hard-to-find native plants, with a particular focus on those with medicinal benefits. They also stock bird feeders, seeds and houses as well as mason bee cocoons so you can build a healthy wildlife habitat that keeps your garden thriving. In the spring and fall, Livingscape harvests its own herbal teas and also offers tea blends from BIPOC-owned companies.

Solabee Flowers and Botanicals

801 N Killingsworth Street, Humboldt & 1759 #24and Avenue, Nob Hill

Step inside Solabee Flowers and Botanicals and find yourself immediately transported to a lush jungle oasis of greenery and flowers. With outposts in North and Northwest Portland, co-owners Alea Joy and Sarah Helmstetter opened their first store in 2009. The self-proclaimed plant nerds, who love to chat with Mother Nature’s customers, are here to help you find the perfect plant. for any space where life finds you, whether it’s a floral arrangement, a lush tropical or a desert dweller. The shop also specializes in weddings and events, and sells accessories to help you take care of your baby plants.

Pistils nursery

3811 N Mississippi Ave, Mississippi & 2139 NW Raleigh St, Suite 108, Slabtown
Are you a young plant parent? This seasoned nursery, which has been around for over 20 years, offers all kinds of houseplants for beginners (i.e. those of us who opt for a free-parenting approach, known as under -watering) so that our plants can live their best life. With locations in the hoods of Mississippi and Slabtown, Pistils has everything in sunny Oregon, from colorful plants to add a little flair to your living room to a collection of rare and unusual plants you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. In addition to plants, you will find flower pots, plant craft kits, gift items and workshops.

Garden fever!

3433 NE 24and Avenue, Alameda

Since opening its doors in 2003, Garden Fever! has become a northeast Portland go-to for just about everything gardening, from tools, supplies, soil, gardening shoes and, of course, plants. As well as the whimsical interior space – a plant lover’s paradise with everything from books to decorative plant plots and wreaths – owners Lori and Richard Vollmer maintain an impressive array of fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, and more. of herbs and conifers in their well organized and easy garden. to browse nursery. The shop also supports the local community by encouraging fundraising efforts for local garden projects.


3454 SE Powell Blvd, Creston-Kenilworth
A new addition to Portland’s plant community, SymbiOp is an offshoot of a two-year-old restorative landscaping company. As well as offering one of Portland’s largest selections of native plants – think Pacific wax myrtle, red flowering currant and symbiosis – SymbiOp is also home to a generous selection of edible plants including sprouts. garlic, berries and fruit trees. Inside, a wide selection of products from local BIPOC and queer artisans sit alongside houseplants, soil and supplies, including Onya’e Naturals candles and Scrapberry Farm oils. Need more excuses to visit? The owners of SymbiOp – JT Yu, Nutmeg Minneboo, Matt Grave and Lotus Romey-Yu – formed a cooperative to give workers a voice in the operations of the company.

Potted in Portland

2627 Clinton Street SE, Richmond

This little neighborhood store, tucked away on the corner of Southeast Clinton and 26th, is newer to the Portland botanical scene. Opened by sisters Carie Nedley and Sara Childers, the shop offers a sweet selection of succulents for those who prefer low maintenance, as well as a solid collection of plants to brighten up indoor and outdoor spaces. Not sure what you’re looking for? The sisters are more than happy to help you find the perfect plant or accessory to suit your current mood.

Portland Nursethere

5050 SE Stark St, Mount Tabor & 9000 SE Division St, Mill Park

This long-standing nursery opened as Portland Wholesale Nursery in 1907. After being purchased by current owner Jon Denney in 1980, the store was renamed Portland Nursery and became a retail business. With two locations in Southeast Stark and Southeast Division, this expansive nursery has everything from houseplants to seeds, shrubs, trees and tools to grow your garden. The nursery also helps the community by supporting local schools, social services and non-profit organizations through sponsorships and donations.

cistus nursery

22711 NW Gillhan Rd, Sauvie Island
As if you needed another excuse to venture to Sauvia Island, Cistus Nursery is its own little oasis surrounded by rolling, open-air farmland. Owned by Sean Hogan, Cistus Nursery is a blend of beautiful display gardens, tropical plants and the delights of the Mediterranean climate. Design services are also offered in case you want to spruce up your balcony or garden.

Hammer + Vine

2190 Burnside Street West, Nob Hill

This cozy downtown store not only offers a diverse assortment of plants, but the staff is eager to chat with customers about caring for plants and building your own custom terrarium. Hammer + Vine’s low-key location along bustling West Burnside, where a nondescript white storefront with large pink shutters reads “Curious Plants: Portland Made Goods,” is easy to miss. Nonetheless, the shop is well worth a visit for its selection of reasonably priced plants, locally made ceramic planters and wellness items. Premium? Hammer + Vine offers local plant delivery, which owner Jenelle Olson says is a popular option “for people sending gifts to friends or for some of our regulars who just prefer to shop from home.” .

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