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Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens welcomes summer with the launch of its new exhibit, “Eco: A Season of Earthly Awareness”. Paying homage to the elements necessary for life to flourish, with over 30,000 flowers and plants, the garden beds are artistically designed to represent earth, wind, water and fire.

Guests are transported to an extravagant rainforest as they enter the Conservatory, greeted by an array of blooming flowers, vibrant greenery, and seven whimsical animal sculptures. Designer Ed Libby and the Bellagio horticulture team have carefully curated “Eco: A Season of Earthly Awareness”, bringing the importance of keeping our planet beautiful to life.

“As the world has a brilliant new start this summer, we want to inspire people to preserve our home,” said Libby. “After a breathtaking journey through the rainforest filled with abundant plants and colorful floral arrangements, visitors will find themselves with a new appreciation for our planet.”

The west bed represents the earth element with the display of Gaia, the earth goddess. Standing over 22 feet tall, Gaia is draped in vines and crowned with flowers, marking the sacred relationship she shares with humanity. Around it, two waterfalls spring from a wall of cathedral ruins covered with moss. The garden is surrounded by blue hyacinth macaws and two giant passionflower flowers, among the most prized treasures of rainforest flowers. A 10-foot-tall Scarlet Ibis delights guests as they turn the corner of the garden bed.

Symbolizing healing and cleaning, the south bed represents the water element. A large wall of vines, plants, and floral arrangements descends from the ceiling, becoming the backdrop for a Koi fish pond with waterfalls and flowing fountains. Perched on two rocks, two brightly colored tree frogs gaze at the crowd below and a turtle topiary with freshly cut flowers as its shell greets guests at the corner of the garden bed.

The bed is represents the air element. An impressive two-story treehouse overlooks the garden, inviting guests to walk under the spectacular structure to glimpse a comfortable retreat. A wooden plank walkway spans two parts of the rainforest, connecting guests to the next part of their journey through the exhibit. Delicately designed arches with plants, tree frogs, and bright exotic butterfly sculptures provide stunning views from every angle from the east bed.

The North Bed pays homage to the fire element, with a meticulously crafted Phoenix as the focal point. Rising from its ashes as a captivating centerpiece representing humanity overcoming adversity, the Phoenix soars above a volcano spewing steam and molten lava. Among the lush greenery of the garden is a jaguar on a tree branch. Pitcher plants hug the large tree while large 3D printed slipper orchids rest between the begonia leaves.

“Eco: A Season of Earthly Awareness” was inspired by MGM Resorts’ commitment to be a global advocate in the fight against climate change. Through sustainable design and construction, the Conservatory team is committed to conducting responsible operations, including recycling water, reusing plant materials and stage props, and using a waste procedure. greens that separate plant and soil materials before they are transported to local compost. This waste management procedure alone eliminates 90% of landfill diversion.

“Eco: A Season of Earthly Awareness” is on display until August 28, 2021. The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are free to the public and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, please visit the Bellagio press room.

Display “Eco: A season of earthly consciousness” by the numbers

  • 27 504: Flowers and plants displayed throughout the exhibition
  • 75: Team members involved in setting up the display
  • 9,000: gallons of water recirculated throughout the screen
  • 1,569: Plants from local nurseries
  • 845: Succulents on display in the succulent wall
  • 162: Tillandsia aerial plants living on vertical surfaces
  • 39: Number of hanging lanterns in the treehouse
  • 30 feet: Height of the tree house
  • 22 feet: Height of Gaia, the goddess of the earth
  • 20: living trees reused around the perimeter of the garden, some being five years old
  • 5: tree frogs
  • 1: baby crocodile

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