Organize Bathroom Shelves: How to Organize Bathroom Shelves

This is a highly visible storage solution, so bathroom shelf organization should be done with great care. Approach the task without a plan, and they can become cluttered and drop the whole room.

That said, bathroom shelves could be a valuable item when organizing a bathroom. In addition to providing additional accessible storage space in the bathroom, they can provide decorative details that a bathroom without open storage space might lack.

For a quiet, tidy, and easy-to-use room, consider these ways to organize bathroom shelves.

Organize bathroom shelves

Bathroom shelving ideas can house a variety of room necessities, from small to larger items such as bath sheets. But regardless of the proportions of the objects, in the organization of bathroom shelves, it is essential to maintain and organize an orderly result that is pleasing to the eye.

1. Edit to avoid clutter

organize bathroom shelves

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Less is definitely more when it comes to organizing bathroom shelves. Go with more and the result could be chaotic.

“Bathroom shelves are a great place to store anything and everything,” says Steven Jaques, Country Development Manager for Pelipal at InHouse Inspired Room Design. “However, due to their easy access, they often become crowded.”

“Along with countertops, shelving is the most exposed aspect of the bathroom – so keep it clean and, above all, functional.”

So, the first step when organizing a bathroom counter and shelves is to assess how many items you plan to put on the shelves and, if necessary, resolve to keep some elsewhere. .

2. Prioritize potential shelf content

But what is the ideal content for bathroom shelves, and what are the no-no’s? “When it comes to displaying your items on open bathroom shelves, you first need to determine whether the items you have are messy, like toothpaste, or clean, like water glasses” , says Susanne Fox of Susanne Fox Design.

“Anything messy should be placed in a closed cabinet, medicine cabinet or vanity drawer to avoid unsightly visual clutter. Anything that you use frequently and sparkles well can be prioritized on an open shelf.

3. Decant and regroup

White bathroom counter with undermount sink, mirror above and shelving to one side

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Some bathroom essentials need to be decanted into different containers before they can be displayed when you are arranging bathroom shelves.

“I love using large clear jars to store things like cotton,” says Juliette Thomas, founder and director of Juliettes Interiors. “These look great on the shelves and are also practical.”

As for the other essentials, consider grouping them by brand. “Your shelves will appear more organized if you arrange them this way because the brands have a cohesive look,” says Sarah Dunn, professional organizer at Get It Dunn.

4. Create a spa feeling

A bathroom with a large sink on a marble counter and black shelves containing decorative objects

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How you arrange bathroom shelves can influence the mood of the room. “Create a spa vibe in your bathroom by arranging a few decorative items on a shelf,” suggests Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer at Trendey. This should include an aromatherapy item, such as a candle or incense.

“A few bath and body products that your guests can use are also a good idea. This could include moisturizer or even shampoo and conditioner in decorative bottles.

‘A small potted plant is also nice to bring nature and color. Avoid succulents and opt for bamboo, bromeliads or gardenia.

5. Contain items on larger bathroom shelves

A bathroom with wall-mounted washbasin cabinet, featuring both open shelves and large drawers

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Bathroom shelves come in a huge range of sizes, from a thin glass shelf above a sink to a wide, deep shelf that runs the length of a wall – with plenty of options in between. Where bathroom shelves are more minimal in their proportions, small individual items can be kept on them, but they would get lost on the wide and deep versions.

The answer to organize them? “Have items in cute containers or bins that match your bathroom decor,” says professional organizer Brenda Scott of Tidy My Space. “It can be baskets, trash cans, small wooden crates or boxes, depending on your style.”

6. Use Trays

There is another alternative for organizing small items on bathroom shelves, and that is to use a tray where they can be grouped together.

“A tray is a clever way to display perfumes, lotions, and even bubble bath,” say Ryan Eiesland and Brandie Larseno, mDesign and organization pros, of Home Sort.

As well as ensuring that small essentials don’t look messy, the receptacle can have transformative power. “The shelf provides just enough structure on your bathroom shelves to make the display of ordinary objects extraordinary,” they say.

7. Think balance

Bathroom with ladder style shelving next to sink with mirror above

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While organizing bathroom shelves is all about what goes on them, for an aesthetically pleasing and tidy room, bring a stylist’s eye to the task.

“When arranging your bathroom shelves, aim for balance and variety,” says Andra DelMonico. “Some items need to be taller or wider than others. Look at the visual weight of the items and try to balance them left to right on the shelves. the grouping of toiletries on the other Individually, the toiletries do not compare in size to the basket of towels, but when grouped together they create visual balance.

8. Organize towels on bathroom shelves

Bathroom with large artwork on the wall and shelving next to it

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If large enough, bathroom shelves can be a great place to place towels.

“If the shelves are deep enough, I roll fluffy white towels and stack them on top of each other,” says interior designer Maggie Clarke of Maggie Clarke Interiors. “It gives a total spa vibe when you walk into your bathroom. If the shelves aren’t deep enough for bath towels, hand towels or washcloths work just as well.

9. Store the shelves near the bathtub

Bathroom with freestanding bathtub with pendant above, patterned roman blind, side table and corner shelves with white walls

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Bathroom shelves should be organized according to their position in the bathroom, as well as their size. For those near the tub, like this decorative corner design, select only what is needed for a relaxing bath, which may include a candle in addition to bath products. “Bathroom shelves are the perfect place to store your candles to light during a relaxing bath,” says Maggie Clarke.

10. Hygiene factor

Overcrowded bathroom shelves make it look cluttered. With too much filling, no matter how elegant the rest of the room creates an impression, the result will be hectic. But it is also essential to keep them relatively clear to facilitate cleaning. “Glass shelves need to be spotless and wood needs to be tidy,” Brenda Scott reminds us.

Instead, consider organizing a bathroom cabinet or organizing a linen closet so they have more capacity for practical items, leaving bathroom shelves for display.

How do you organize the deep shelves in the bathroom?

Effective organization of deep bathroom shelves depends on what you want to keep there. If it’s towels, rolling can be a good solution because they are attractive and easy to grip. However, folding napkins in stacks also works: orient the aligned edges away from the piece with the fold facing it so they look plump and fluffy.

For smaller items, choose baskets or other containers that are the depth of the shelf. These will make the most of its dimensions and can be removed to access the contents.

What do you put on bathroom displays?

“If you have pretty perfume bottles, display your collection on an accessible shelf,” suggests Maggie Clarke. ‘Same with your makeup brushes. On your next antiques trip, look for old silver cups or trophies. They are perfect for storing your brushes. Also consider purely decorative items, such as shapely ceramics, vases with flowers, and indoor plants.

A word to the wise: when selecting items for a bathroom shelf, consider the humidity of the room. If there is a shower in the room rather than just a bathtub, choose parts that will not deteriorate in the atmosphere.

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