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Alan Lett (l) and Anthony Ferrell (photo by Alan Lett)

MMarried couple Anthony Ferrell, 37, and Alan Lett, 38, have acknowledged that COVID-19 has caused a fundamental change in the way the American workforce dresses. With the rise of the home office, stylish, comfortable and quality casual wear is the new 9 to 5 standard, with additional points for sexy or unusual.

So it makes perfect sense that the casual designs on offer at Ferrell and Lett’s OG 713 won the Gayest & Greatest Best Men’s Clothing Store award this year.

The Houston couple met ten years ago on July 4th. “There were really fireworks on that fourth,” Farrell laughs. In 2016, they got married and they now bring their unique but complementary talents to their professional business.

The OG 713 inspired t-shirts are made from premium ring-spun cotton from American brands such as Bella + Canvas and Next Level. An OG 713 tee would be a great choice with shorts at an Astros game or with jeans at brunch. The value of these shirts is not limited to the way they are made. All t-shirts and accessories (hats, hoodies, etc.) are printed with original artwork from local artists. Shoppers will find elegant interpretations of local landmarks such as Astroworld, the ‘Be Someone’ Highway Bridge, and the Rothko Chapel. Broken obelisk sculpture.

“When Alan and I decided to launch the OG 713, quality was at the top of our list. We wanted to create clothes that we would be proud to wear. All aspects of production fell within this objective. In addition to the finest cotton, we use a direct-to-garment printer with manufacturer-certified inks, allowing for excellent reproductions of the designs, ”says Ferrell, who has 12 years of experience at Microsoft.

Most of the illustrations are the work of the creative director of OG 713 Lett. He has a background in design, and it serves him well. The illustrations are superb, even sexy. “When I create a design, I first do a lot of research. It is important to know the history of an icon or landmark before engaging it in the illustration. I want it to be as precise as possible. I think people like it, ”notes Lett.

OG 713 retail booths can be found in HTX markets and in breweries, empty retail spaces and other hot spots. “We will also have a permanent facility at the beautiful new Railway Heights Market on I-10 and Washington Avenue in the Heights,” Farrell adds with a smile. “We can’t wait to see what will happen there! “

Marketing and communications guru Austin Staton was visiting a local market when he noticed a few OG 713 models. He ended up ordering t-shirts and hoodies for his customers over and over again.

“As a native of Houston, the Houston-centric designs first caught my attention,” says Staton. “After learning more about OG 713, it’s clear that Anthony and Alan understand our city and our culture. And their knowledge and passion for our diverse community truly lives on in all of their work. “

For more information, visit og713.com.


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This article appears in the October 2021 issue of OutSmart magazine.

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