PvP Tower Defense Game Crazy Plants Enters Second Phase Of Early Access

After a first successful early access release in 2021, All9fun has announced that its multiplayer tower defense game Crazy Plants will enter a new phase of early access starting today on Android.

Crazy Plants is the new tower defense success story, with a unique 3D art style full of charming and adorable plant creatures that you will place on different levels to defend against enemy creatures. Each level layout is different, so you’ll mix up your strategy quite often to keep up with the new challenges thrown at you.

Although this is the standard version of the gameplay, the real star of the show for Crazy Plants is the PvP battle mode. In it, you must survive with the most lives of your heroes among all players in the match to collect trophies, which in turn will give you ranked points. These points will be tracked each season, allowing you to show off your tower defense prowess and top the global leaderboards. This will give the game a competitive edge alongside the mix of strategy and puzzles associated with tower defense, and will also carve out a niche among PvP fans with no other option in the genre.

Of course, along with a PVP mode, the game also features a co-op game variant. It’s quite simple. You team up with your peers to place towers and use your combined forces to defend against the enemy. The last game mode to mention is the Random Arena mode, in which players will set up their units with a limited random option for placement on the level, forcing players to adapt to circumstances they cannot foresee. This mode will also have a seasonal scale to compete.

While we don’t know at this time when the full launch of Crazy Plants will take place, the early access client can be downloaded from Google Play now, with a potential App Store release coming soon. If you are looking for a competitive tower defense strategy game, try it for free.

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