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RADNOR — Radnor officials this week approved a resolution to be recognized as Bird Town through the Pennsylvania Audubon Council.

Speaking at the Board of Commissioners meeting, Phil Witmer, Vice President of Bird Town, Pennsylvania, said, “We hope you will approve the new resolution, and we wanted to thank you for your continued support of an environment healthy. for birds and for humans.

Radnor has had the designation for the past 11 years.

“For those unfamiliar with Bird Town, we are invested in promoting native plants because native plants support native insects. Native insects support native birds. It all ties into everything else, and if the birds are doing well, the people are doing well,” Witmer said as he addressed the commissioners ahead of their vote.

According to Witmer, Bird Town works with local governments with a team of volunteers in each municipality to encourage people to plant native plants.

“So we are in the business of educating people about the value of native plants. About what a native plant is. Which is not a native plant. Also, about the many benefits of having native plants,” Witmer said.

Witmer said many people don’t understand issues like water runoff that native plants have deeper roots that hold soil better and prevent runoff.

“We have, in this country, 42 million acres of grass,” Witmer said. “A lawn is like a desert to a bird. There really isn’t much there. He does not support many wild animals at all.

Witmer said stormwater runs off these lawns, carrying pesticides and fertilizers into the watershed.

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