Sartell approves golf cart ordinance

SARTELLL – Golf carts will be allowed to drive legally on the streets of the town of Sartell.

At Monday’s council meeting, the council approved the new ordinance.

Under the ordinance, drivers must be 16 years old, have proof of a valid driver’s license and insurance, and obey all traffic laws.

Mayor Ryan Fitzthum says he knows the use of golf carts is becoming more popular in neighborhoods for community gatherings or to drive to city parks.

I think we’ll see a lot of neighbors, golfing or not, using them. I know golf carts from the Wilds and Celebration neighborhoods are becoming more popular for going to the park.

According to the ordinance, golf carts would not be allowed on major roads and can only be used on streets with speed limits below 30 mph. They would also be banned on any public sidewalk or cycle and pedestrian path.

member of the board Jill Smith says the prescription is a good start, but the conversation needs to happen as interest grows.

This is the start of this conversation. We need to see where things are going before we start building infrastructure to support these types of vehicles.

If all goes well, residents will be able to apply for a permit to use their golf cart within the city limits by June 1.

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