The home and garden fair closes a successful weekend

TWP WILKES-BARRE. – The 20th anniversary edition of the Northeast Pennsylvania Home and Garden Show wrapped up the weekend with a final day of showcases from hundreds of vendors from across the state.

Sunday marked the third day of activity at the Mohegan Sun Arena, as interested shoppers scoured the hall and the arena floor to find something for their home, garden or just for themselves.

A few successful vendors in the middle of some of the more home-focused stops were a handful of food vendors, perhaps no more than Mike’s Seasonings.

Ike and Sarah Wesley made the trip from Jackson, Mis., to take part in this year’s show, and a steady stream of curious customers stopped by to try a few samples of Mike’s family of seasonings, often with a response. praise from the taste-testers, which included several nearby vendors.

Once the customers’ taste buds had been sated, there were still nearly a hundred unusual stops to be made along the way around the arena.

Business owners stood at each booth or table to help customers, provide information, or entice shoppers to try and win prizes, such as the giant wheel at the Xfinity booth that offered different prizes for those who turned it.

Overall, the majority of sellers reported successful weekends in terms of sales, and many people were equally excited to meet new people and engage with the community.

Jessica O’Connell, who makes and sells her own gemstone jewelry and accessories under the trade name Beads of a Feather, said it’s not so much about the business side of things as the joy. and the good energy that came from making the props.

“It’s really good for my energy, it’s therapeutic in a way,” she said.

On the arena floor, Dave Yeager of Concrete Alternatives brought his company to his first-ever Home and Garden Show.

“We’ve had a lot of people stop by,” said Yeager, who’s owned his Drums-based business for 15 years. “It was really a valid decision to sign up, I’m glad we’re here.”

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