The range’s £600 garden bar is an Instagram hit, with sales up 150%

The hanging egg chair, fire pit and hot tub have all had their moments as must-have garden accessories, but for 2022 that crown definitely goes to the garden bar – and the new £600 outdoor bar from The Range is a bit of an Instagram hit.

Forest Garden’s wooden garden bar is set to be the hottest summer trend, as The Range reports that sales have tripled this week alone, with sales up 150%.

Garden bars are ideal for family celebrations, barbecues, weddings and other gatherings, and are ideal if you like to entertain at home and eat outdoors in the spring/summer.

The range’s two-metre wooden rebate bar costs £599.99 and features a durable top bar and two folding flaps that easily open to create a service hatch. It’s really a blank canvas, but that’s part of its appeal. You can paint and style it to your favorite theme, whether it’s a tropical tiki bar, gin retreat, traditional tavern, or smoothie and juice hatch. The options are endless!


the wooden garden bar in the range

Even better, when not in use, you can lock up the bar and store drinks during the summer, or even turn it into a cabana once fall/winter rolls around.

A spokesperson for The Range comments: “We have seen a huge increase in the number of people wanting to take their garden game to the next level this year, by replacing their outdoor furniture, investing in a hot tub or buying their paddling pools in January! Sales of the versatile wooden bar jumped 150% after we shared the images on our social media account.

the wooden garden bar in the range

“It’s clear that people don’t want to have to build their own bar with costs that could escalate. Our version serves as a blank canvas allowing our customers to get creative and add their own flavor and personality to the perfectly proportioned wooden box.

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