These Nintendo Switch controllers are the perfect way to celebrate Pokémon Day

Pokemon Day is here! And these Nintendo Switch controllers from PowerA are the best way to celebrate that special day and embrace all that’s pocket monster about your Switch setup.

There’s nothing better as a fan of a series of games – and especially one as colorful and vibrant as Pokemon – than outfitting your gaming setup with official merchandise and accessories. It adds a bit of customization and flair to the setup, and goes beyond the “out of the box look”.

And for Nintendo Switch players, what better way to do that than to add a cute Pokemon-themed controller this Pokemon Day? PowerA has long made some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories, and there’s a whole range of designs and aesthetics to choose from with both wired and wireless connections. But don’t forget to transport your Switch safely either: you can also get yourself a cute Pikachu-themed case to protect your console.

Below are all of our favorite Pokemon Nintendo Switch controllers, both in the US and UK.

Today’s best Pokemon controller deals

More of today’s best Nintendo Switch accessory deals

Of course, these third-party Switch controllers might not be quite what you’re looking for, so check out the list below for the latest prices for other Switch accessories and pads.

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