Whispers: Glass factory faces million dollar fine

GLASS FACTORY FACES MILLIONS OF FINAL DOLLARS: This spring, Oregon’s only glass recycling plant dodged a blow when City of Portland officials removed two carbon emissions royalty proposals that would have increased the plant’s annual tax bill. $ 1 million (“Glass Houses, WW, January 27, 2021). But now the Owens-Brockway plant faces a new problem: a million dollar fine from the state for breaking air pollution laws. The Department of Environmental Quality imposed the fine last week. A DEQ spokesperson alleges Owens-Brockway was coughing up too much soot. Conservationists say a crackdown on Owens-Brockway, which spans 78 acres in the Cully neighborhood of northeast Portland, is long overdue. “This contempt is clearly an issue of environmental racism, given the plant’s proximity to Cully, one of Oregon’s most diverse neighborhoods,” wrote Neighbors for Clean Air. Every glass bottle recycled by Oregon’s Bottle Bill goes through Owens-Brockway. A spokesperson for the plant owner, Ohio-based Owens-Illinois, said: “OI is aware of the announcement and is currently reviewing the scope, but cannot comment on any regulatory or legal issues. Classes. “

NAOMI WOLF SLATE FOR THE OREGON ANTI-VAXX RALLY: Oregonians for Medical Freedom, a group opposed to vaccine requirements even before the COVID-19 pandemic, announces a June 9 rally at the State Capitol, led by Dr. Naomi Wolf, the notorious feminist suspended from Twitter this week for spreading false information about vaccines. “LEAVE YOURSELF AGAINST THE INJUSTICES OF COVID BLOCKAGES,” reads the event’s online flyer. Wolf, a leading figure in third wave feminism and author of The myth of beauty, has recently fallen into conspiracy theories around vaccines. Twitter suspended its account after suggesting separating human waste from vaccinated people from other sewage. She will be joined at a rally against vaccine passports by Kevin Jenkins, whom the London-based Digital Hate Center has identified as one of twelve vaccine activists responsible for most of the vaccine misinformation online. Also speaking: Dr Paul Thomas, Beaverton’s anti-vaxx pediatrician, who still faces disciplinary proceedings that could permanently revoke his license. Oregonians for Medical Freedom did not respond to email inquiries.

THE LEGISLATURE CLEAR THE PATH FOR POLICE SURVEILLANCE:The Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 621 on June 7, paving the way for Portland to set up a Police Oversight Council that voters passed by a 4: 1 margin. in November. The bill amends the state’s law on labor negotiations with unions of public sector employees so that voter-approved police oversight boards can operate with “full force and effect” without being subjugated. to compulsory collective bargaining. “We were honest that further steps were needed to ensure that the new independent police oversight board was the best it could be,” said City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. “I have remained committed to this process and am delighted to see that this next step is complete. “

PORTLAND WOMAN AFFIRMS FALSE DIAPER AFTER EXVICTION: A Portland woman says she miscarried in the car she lived in, two weeks after her eviction this winter. On June 7, Sara Kuust and Jake Blackburn filed a $ 1.9 million lawsuit in Multnomah County Circuit Court, accusing their owners of unlawful eviction, negligence and retaliation for allegedly removing them from their home. room rented at the Evergreen Inn and Suites Motel in January. The couple say the owners “asked the police to remove them from the premises” on Jan. 16, and after five days in other motels, the couple began to live in their car. Two weeks later, according to their lawyer, Kuust miscarried. The lawsuit names Manmohan and Jalpaben Patel and OM JSNRN Hospitality Group as defendants. A lawyer representing them declined to comment. “As a result of the wrongful eviction of the defendants, the plaintiffs became homeless,” says the lawsuit. “After being wrongly deported, Ms. Kuust miscarried while living in her car.”

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