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Shiv Kumar Sharma

Yamounanagar, September 18

The owners of several screening mills, which do not actually exist or have been idle for a long time in Yamunanagar district, allegedly showed fake sales and purchases of mining equipment. The record of these bogus transactions is created online using a Mineral Dealer’s License (MDL) connected to the state government’s e-Rawana portal.

Seven cases in one week

Seven cases of illegal mining involving owners of screening facilities were detected in one week. Two screening plants were found dismantled, while some were found non-functional. — Rajesh Sangwan, District Mining Officer

Loss to the Treasury

  • Online file being created regarding the sale, purchase of mining equipment by non-existent or non-functional screening plants
  • The records thus created are sold to stone crusher owners, who use them to pass off their illegally mined material as legally acquired stock.
  • These bogus transactions cause huge losses to the public treasury

These people would sell these (online-created) mining equipment sale/purchase documents to rock crusher owners who engage in illegal mining. They use these documents to pass off their illegally mined material as legally acquired stock.

Yamunanagar Department of Mines and Geology detected two instances of non-existent screening facilities in whose name online records regarding the sale and purchase of mining raw materials were being created.

According to sources, a screening plant was dismantled eight months ago, but its owners continued to create online materials related to the sale and purchase of mining equipment.

They created records showing the purchase of mining raw materials from a company between July 1 and September 15, but that company was actually non-functional during that time. The fabricated documents result in a loss of revenue for the public treasury.

District mining officer Rajesh Sangwan said he detected seven cases related to illegal mining involving the owners of seven screen mills in the past week. “We have already registered three FIRs and four more will be filed soon,” he said.

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